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Link Between Your Blood Type and Your Personality

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The Amazing Link Between Your Blood Type and Your Personality

We are well established that the moment of your life can determine your character, from horoscopes to read your future depending on your sign Zodiac (what month you are born in), to lucky numbers and the like determined depending on your symbol of Chinese Zodiac.

While this has no connection with your birthday, instead of your genetics, this is a different feature that we really can’t regulate. After all, what DNA combination do you receive from your parents, is fairly random. It is commonly thought that your blood type determines what sort of individual you are, whether you are A, B, O or AB.

In consequence, whichever type of blood you born to can structure your whole life from love life and health to career and personality. In nations like Japan, current and in-depth study and surveys are underway. In certain instances, the blood type is even taken into account when significant items such as matchmaking and work surveys are involved.

If you want to know these amazing links between your blood type and personality go through this article.
Amazing Personality Links of Blood Type A

One of the world’s most prevalent blood kinds are persons of blood type A, a delicate, nice soul, who wishes to live in peace with everyone. However, there are some problems with this selfless personality.

Because the type of blood A’s always wants to avoid conflict, don’t want to burden others and don’t express yourself loudly, you end up being damaged by bottling up your own emotions and feelings. This steady bottling functions as a bomb, which subsequently explodes in the shape of rage, depression, or anxiety.

It can also contribute to health problems and decreased immunity. While stressing readily, they manage emergencies remarkably well. Type of blood A might seem a bit nice, but don’t move them too far to explode! Pessimism, stubbornness, and rigidity are other adverse features. Farmers are called by Koreans to blood type A individuals.

Amazing Links between Blood Type B and Their Personality

Type B blood group individuals are great listener, but they do not bottle their emotions to a hazardous extent like As. Instead, they are very great at adapting to distinct circumstances and individuals, much like a chameleon, and communicate themselves freely, sometimes too easily.

In their skin, they’re relaxed and in turn create individuals feel relaxed around them. They are very exciting and enthusiastic extroverts who use their knowledge to read individuals and behave following their environment and to make them entirely human.

The exciting news is that males with B type blood in certain societies are regarded as the worst to have in an affair since they are deemed to be incorrigible, ill-tempered flirts. Fainting, selfishness, and impatience are other adverse features. They’re called nomads by Koreans.

Strong characters of the Blood Type O

You don’t fear to be audacious or taking hazards and you can do this because you trust and rely so much on yourself. Confident and intuitive, they are regarded as charming and hungry for power, often being assigned and being outstanding in management roles.

Blood type Os are still very liked by people around them, determined to achieve their objectives and competitive at booting. But they tend to be loners who usually require time for themselves like introverts.

It’s a lonely climb to success, after all, is it not? And this is why these delightful people choose their careers and ambitions rather than to have friends and lively social life. It’s good for them to be the best blood types to cope with stress! Aggression, arrogance, and self-centeredness include negative traits. They are called by the Koreans, the warriors.

Blood Type AB Amazing Personality Links

Blood ABs are generally very autonomous and rational individuals, which is one of the rarest. Factors such as bad handling of elevated stress concentrations and certain features of type Bs such as a delightful character and a large degree of familiarity with others have some features of blood type ABs.

But although they are susceptible to stress like A, they are well-headed and planners, they are stronger and do not care about small stuff so much that they can evaluate various circumstances without emotion.

They enjoy freedom and independence, so it is difficult to bind and read them down. They are also, interestingly, regarded to be four-dimensional individuals, a bit strange and difficult to forecast, or two-sided or divided personalities by their two distinct kinds of blood technically. Negative characteristics include reticence, judgment, and coldness. They are called humanists by Koreans.

Extra Personality Traits of Rh-negative Blood Type

You may also be Rh-negative or positive, apart from being A, B, O, or AB. Being Rh negative is the rarest trait you could have in blood types (for example, it is reported that only 15 percent of America has it).

Your character shows mainly the stereotypical characteristics of your main blood type, but there are some extra features that can create you more unique. There’s a bonus round for you!

You generally have a higher than average IQ when you are negative of Rh. You are more empathetic, moreover. If you are an A or B with a strong knowledge of others, you are supposed to be somehow insane being the Rh-negative. For some reason, you also have a lot of phobias so have good luck with them.

Amazing Careers for Blood Type A

Because of the blood group As’ awareness and intellect, there are certain professions that would be the greatest for them according to blood type character research. For instance, they can be sophisticated sensitivity bookworms, authors, poets or even librarians might be good options.

On the other hand, they are also considered smart perfectionists, many of whom are outstanding in Japanese research institutes. The most meticulous scientists are found to be blood type A’s. Because of their attention in detail and thorough characters, they could also be scientists, programmers or accountants.

It looks like you’ve got the utmost in both worlds because you can be imaginative or practical. These tasks are also said to be fairly ideal for blood types As, who are mainly introverts because human contact is not very necessary.

Amazing Careers for Blood Type B Personality

The career routes considered best to individuals with this Blood type include psychiatrists, cops, and reporters since blood type Bs are such fascinating souls! They are powerful observers, in particular, the body of a person with a blood type that allows them to read a room and other parties, whether that person is a therapist who studies the behavior of a patient, a detective reading a questionnaire suspect or a journalist who can find interesting reports for the public.

They are just powerful observers. Type Bs of blood could also become crafts to provide a living. If you notice a common topic in these career choices, they shouldn’t be in a typical corporate environment.

Type O Blood Amazing Careers

Blood type Os have more to do with practicality and ambitions than with creativity and intuition, as opposed to blood type Bs or As. This makes them more appropriate for business environments.

They share with As an accountant a nice professional choice. A therapist is also a nice professional choice like Bs. Otherwise, blood type Os could be the one that leads the political, company and religious environment, complete of charisma and responsibilities. You could be the next chairman or bestseller of an enterprise or a minister who inspires the audience!

Blood type Os are designed to guide and win over individuals with their fantastic charisma and characters as soon as they recover with some moment alone. They are also considered to be athletic so that professional sports can take place.s

Blood Type AB Careers Linked to their Amazing Personality

Type AB blood is surely strange! No offense implied that they were fairly great and really exciting at the same moment. There are plenty of non-traditional job choices because blood type ABs are the most religious in the group, so many people are indeed fortune tellers, psychics, and faith healers.

However, if this path is not intended for you, note that there are two sides to ABs so that other career alternatives can function well for you. This includes being a public relations manager, a negotiator, a teacher, a diplomat or a lawyer. Due to the very rational thinking of blood type ABs, which are extremely structured but not particularly novel, they would operate well for practical and/or organizational positions.

A Tip

To be aware of your child’s blood group before birth you could use blood type calculator. To find blood type calculator and other health calculators then visit The most probable blood type could be predicted using blood type calculator so that you could consult your doctor regarding any incompatibility for mother and child. Using blood type calculator is just a simple thing, you only have to enter your and your spouse blood type and you will get the answer.

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