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First Re.juve store Opens in Bandung

The first store of Re.juve in Trans Studio Mall Bandung.

Bandung, known as the flower city, has officially welcomed the first store of Re.juve in Trans Studio Mall Bandung.

As Indonesia’s pioneer and leading ultra-premium, cold-pressed juice company, PT Sewu Segar Primatama has always focussed on helping more people #LiveHappier through delicious, healthy, and honest selections of food and beverages since 2014. Thus, Bandung has become one of the areas for Re.juve to spread a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Richard Anthony, CEO and President Director of Re.juve, believes that to consume raw fruits and vegetables is to extract the beneficial nutrients for our health. “But there is also a risk if they are not properly prepared. That is why all of our beverages are processed in the UltraHygienic HACCP certified true cold-pressed production facility and are protected with high pressure technology (HPP) that makes our beverages even safer to consume, because our customers’ safety is our utmost concern. HPP technology can make a product’s shelf life longer, while preserving the nutrition, taste, and product quality.”

Re.juve offers various product lines, such as cold-pressed juices in their classic line and signature line, cold pressed nut milk, cold-pressed elixirs, cold pressed coffee, smoothies, Indonesian heritage beverages, Re.juve shots, as well as grab and go snacks.

“Re.juve is committed to always being honest and transparent in every ingredient and claim that we use, stating it fairly and reliably on each bottle, without hiding anything. What you see is what you get (#CleanLabel). We guarantee that our juices are 100% fresh because they are made from the finest fresh fruits and vegetables, not from concentrate; 100 percent pure because there’s no added water, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives; and 100 percent natural because they are made from raw ingredients, no heat and pasteurisation applied,” added Richard.

Re.juve not only produces high quality products that are good for customers, it is also environmentally cautious. In April 2019, Re.juve launched its #GOODforEarth campaign to encourage customers to contribute by bringing back their empty Re.juve bottles to all stores, which will then be recycled into various items such as buckets, water dippers, plastic thread to be processed into t-shirts, and other items. This bottle collection and recycling programme is in collaboration with “Bank Sampah”, or Waste Bank. Re.juve has also replaced plastic straws with eco-straws made from corn starch. To reduce plastic bags, Re.juve also encourages their customers to bring their own cooler bag or use a cooling pack, available at all Re.juve stores.

See: CEO and President Director of PT. Sewu Segar Primatama (Re.juve): Richard Anthony

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