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Pakistan and the Philippines Arrivals Get 14-Day Quarantine

Pakistan and the Philippines Arrivals Get 14-Day Quarantine

Acting Director-General of Disease Prevention and Control at the Health Ministry, Dr Maxi Rein Rondonuwu, has requested that all Head of Port Health Offices across Indonesia pay extra attention and increase supervision from foreigners and Indonesian citizens arriving from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

There is currently a surge of COVID-19 cases in Pakistan and the Philippines, as well as India. Although foreigners and Indonesian citizens can still enter Indonesia, they must bring a negative PCR swab test result which has been taken within 72 hours of departure and undertake a 14-day quarantine including PCR tests at the beginning and end of the quarantine period.

Previously, the government stated that Indian nationals are temporarily prohibited from entering Indonesia from 25th April until further notice. Port Health Offices have been ordered to coordinate with immigration to ensure that foreign nationals who come from India do not enter Indonesian territory.

Indonesian citizens arriving from India are still allowed to return home and must undergo quarantine at a hotel for 14 days with PCR tests at the beginning and end of the quarantine period.

Meanwhile, those not coming from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines must arrive with a negative PCR test result taken no more than 72 hours before departure. They must then carry out a 5-day quarantine and take two PCR tests.

Every international traveller will undergo health checks and epidemiological investigations to ensure that they do not have risk factors for infectious diseases upon arrival.

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