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All You Can Eat Brazilian BBQ at Tucano’s

All You Can Eat Brazilian BBQ at Tucano's

Tucano’s Churrascaria Brazilian BBQ is now open in Senayan City Mall, South Jakarta effectively from July 10th 2020.

Located on LG at Crystal Lagoon, this is the third Tucano’s in Jakarta which caters to bring a unique and different All You Can Eat concept for the capital’s meat lovers.

You’ll be greeted by a jungle and Amazon ambience hyping up your Brazilian BBQ dining experience once you enter through an automatic glass door. Smoking is prohibited at this indoor area, but smokers are more than welcome to sit at the “outdoor” part of the restaurant. Three private rooms are available, which can all combine into one, and a wide dining area well-fitted to distancing between tables seating 208 people.

All You Can Eat Brazilian BBQ at Tucano’s.
All You Can Eat Brazilian BBQ at Tucano’s.

Either way, once you’re in Tucano’s, there are no limits for you to indulge in the international buffet comprising over 70 various types of Brazilian, Indonesian, Japanese and Italian favourites. The staff at Tucano’s will be serving your desired meals to adhere on the government’s health protocol. Speaking of which, they are all donning face masks, face shields, and gloves at all times in the restaurant.

But the star of Tucano’s is the grilled meat. Named after the Brazilian bird, Tucano’s brings festive top quality meat with the authentic Brazilian-style BBQ Churrasco (shoe-HAS-ko) concept. Churrasco began in the 17th century. Beef, lamb, and chicken are placed into skewers and marinated. These Churrasco skewers are then grilled at 900 degrees on a Churrasco machine.

Experience the unique serving style that Brazilians cherish when the Churrascia servers will move around the restaurant with these skewers and cut slices of meat – as much as you desire – directly onto your plate. First, put on the green circular magnet to signal the servers that you’re keen to have meat. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of meat on your plate, you can put down the magnet. Two other magnets are on the table signifying bills and grilled pineapple to be served.

Dip in the meats with a selection of original Brazilian special sauces. You’ll find various types of beef such as Picanha (prime top sirloin), Alcatra (top sirloin), Fraldinha (hanging tender), Garlic Steak (top sirloin), Spicy Steak (top sirloin, Lamb Leg, Cupim (beef hump), Beef Sausage, Coracao (chicken heart), Frango (chicken leg), even Grilled Pineapple, and so much more. Choose sides of salads, deep-fried items, stew dishes, pastas, noodles, fried rice, and pizzas. Top off your culinary journey with dessert or fresh fruits. To freshen up, there are free-flow drinks such as iced lemon tea, iced tea, coca cola, and sprite. Or opt for a special Brazilian coffee, juices, mocktails, cocktails, caipirinha, beers, and wine.

Enjoy the variety of packages Tucano’s has to offer starting from:

  • Rp168,000++ for the Churrasco Package
  • Rp84,000++ for the Kids Package
  • Rp128,000++ for the Senior Package (above 65)
  • Rp88,000++ for the Churrasco Platter
  • Rp158,000++ for the Buffet Package

Operating Hours:

Sunday to Thursday at 11am to 8pm

Friday and Saturday at 11am to 9pm

Instagram: @tucanos_jakarta

Facebook: Tucano’s Churrascaria – Brazilian BBQ & Buffet

Email [email protected], call +6221 72781035 or +62878 2200 0808, and visit for more information and reservations.

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