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Five Things to Consider before Having Plastic Surgery

plastic surgery
What to consider before plastic surgery

Plastic and cosmetic surgery has grown substantially in popularity over the last few years, with the number of global procedures increasing from 14 million to 23 million since 2010. The average plastic surgery patient is a woman over the age of 40, but these days, women are starting to have procedures younger than that.

People decide to have cosmetic surgery for many different reasons, which are normally very personal. Appearances are one part of the story but not the whole tale. Often, it’s more about confidence and self-esteem. This is true for people of all age groups, but millennials are having plastic surgery at fairly young ages, and their reasons for doing so may not be the same as for older people.

Before you consider having any type of plastic surgery, there are important questions that you should ask yourself in order to achieve a safe procedure with optimum results.

Am I Healthy Enough to Have Plastic Surgery?

Before considering plastic surgery, ask yourself if you’re healthy enough – though most people are great candidates for plastic surgery in terms of health – and get your BIMC plastic surgeon to give you a thorough assessment where you will need to disclose your entire medical history. Remember, your BIMC plastic surgeon cannot provide an accurate assessment if you hide health any problems. It’s important to note that certain health issues may prevent you from having plastic surgery.

What Are You Hoping to Gain from Your Surgery?

Obviously, an improvement in your facial features or the contour of a particular area of your body is expected. Perhaps you may even gain a boost in self-esteem. If you are expecting anything more than that, you should understand the limitations of your procedure.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect from Plastic Surgery?

Your BIMC plastic surgeon can only control what happens inside the operating room. No matter how great a job your plastic surgeon does, it will not guarantee a job promotion, a relationship, or an improved social life and social status. Plastic surgery will not cure depression or eating disorders either.

Also, if you aren’t willing to accept the procedure that your BIMC plastic surgeon is recommending for you to get the best possible result — either because you’re worried about longer scars or a longer recovery — then you have to be willing to accept a lesser result. Not following post-surgery instructions can also cause a bad result.

Are There Alternatives to Undergoing Plastic Surgery?

This is important to know because plastic surgery is not without risks. Could you improve your diet? Could you move your body a little bit more and get more exercise? If you’ve given other alternatives an honest try, then plastic surgery may be a good alternative for you. Not having surgery at all is also an alternative.

Are You Willing to Go Through More Than One Procedure?

You may need revision surgery which is not uncommon with plastic surgery. Revision surgery involves undergoing surgery again to improve prior surgery. It can be a small procedure that requires only local anaesthesia or it can be a bigger procedure.

Are You Able to Take the Appropriate Time Off to Recover?

Depending on your procedure, you may need days or even weeks to recover, even after your Bali vacation. You will need the time off to recover after your procedure. And it isn’t just the initial aches, pains, and bruising that you will experience After those have faded, you may still have restrictions on certain activities, as ordered by your BIMC plastic surgeon.

If you work, can you afford to take time off? This includes stay-at-home mums, as their work is so varied in the course of the day. If you choose to use your vacation time, you have to decide if it’s really worth exchanging rest and relaxation for recovery time. 

About CosMedic Centre at BIMC Hospital

BIMC CosMedic Centre offers the most sought-after skin treatments in Bali with the highest standards of patient care and technology. The CosMedic Centre meets the growing appreciation for proven aesthetic skin treatments and skin rejuvenation techniques, safe non-surgical procedures, as well as surgical procedures performed by leading cosmetic surgeon, Dr I Made Suka Adnyana, Sp BP-RE.

The CosMedic Centre operates within the strictest health and safety protocols, an uncompromising priority that has given BIMC Siloam Nusa Dua its trusted name in health care. The hospitals and CosMedic Centre use an Australian standard sterilisation technique unique to Indonesian medical facilities. Furthermore, the hospitals employ Indonesian and Australian medical consultants who are on call 24 hours a day working alongside specialist doctors and highly trained medical and support staff.

CosMedic Centre provides a discreet, premium service to its respected clients, with a private entrance, two advanced operating theatres, four consultation rooms and a quiet, comfortable lounge overlooking the lushness of Nusa Dua.

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