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Kings Tailor & Co. A Bespoke Tailor for Real Gentleman

Kings Tailor & Co
Kings Tailor & Co. A Bespoke Tailor for Real Gentleman

“A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to man,” – Tom Ford

A suit is the most important item in any stylish man’s wardrobe. Yet, finding a well-fitting suit is not an easy thing to do. Every suit has to be measured precisely to fit the body perfectly. Kings Tailor & Co. offers a solution for any gentleman out there on how to get a well-fitting and stylish suit for every occasion.

Kings Tailor & Co. was established in Jakarta in 2014. It was founded by Musa Gend, a young gentleman with great interest in suits. “Kings Tailor & Co. was born because I wasn’t happy with the result of most of my tailored suits,” said Musa. With that concern, he then embarked on a journey to find the best dressmakers to make his suits. What started as a personal mission turned into a business as Kings Tailor & Co. got its first client in 2015.

Nestled on the quiet strip of Jalan Tirtayasa VII, South Jakarta, Kings Tailor & Co. has slowly grown from a small business that caters friends and family into one of the most respectable bespoke tailors in the capital. As a bespoke tailor, Kings Tailor & Co. offers handmade suits in which each of them is made by order to create a clothing piece that fits like a glove and a dream to wear.

At Kings Tailor & Co., the process of tailoring a suit starts with a consultation with the client. “Usually, it started with a casual conversation with our client just to know about his personality. This process is important to get to know the customer’s characteristics. Once we know his characteristic and personality, it is easier to find a perfect suit design for the client,” said Musa.

“Once the client and our designer agreed on the design, then we move to the next step which is choosing the material as well as its accessories.”

Typically, according to Musa, it takes around a month to finish one suit.

“I believe that we are not only creating a suit but also creating a tool to boost our client’s confidence that he needs for an important event such as a wedding ceremony or sealing a million-dollar deal,” said the alumni of London School of Public Relations, Jakarta. Musa believes that when someone looks good and feels comfortable, he’ll be more productive, more confident, and more assertive. The good thing about the service that Kings Tailor & Co. provided is their willingness to help to pick the right fabric for the customer especially since Kings Tailor & Co. has wide collection fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, and not to mention rare fabrics that worth tens of millions rupiahs per meter. You name it, they have it.

Because of its excellent work and incomparable dedication, Kings Tailor & Co. has also successfully managed to attract big clients, including celebrities. In the past four years, Kings Tailor & Co. has collaborated with big names in the entertainment industry in Indonesia, such as Ariel Noah Band, Mike Lewis, Kahitna, Nino Fernandes, as well as Indonesian politicians like Sandiaga Uno and Jakarta’s Governor, Anies Baswedan. Last year Kings Tailor & Co. also had a chance to specially make a beautiful suit for Indonesia’s rising actor Abimana Aryasatya for the premiere of 2019’s most talked Indonesian film, Gundala. “Aside from celebrities and famous people, our clients’ demographic is varied but mostly dominated by wedding clients and young professionals who come from various job fields from lawyers to bankers to start-up company founders,” revealed Musa.

As many people believe, buying a good suit is an investment. It is indeed a major investment—no matter how much or how little you spend because it is going to be one of the most important assets in a gentleman’s wardrobe. To deliver the best product and to cater customers’ needs, Kings Tailor & Co. will go extra miles by providing remarkable service, excellent choices of material, as well as dedication to delivering the suit as scheduled. To achieve that, Kings Tailor & Co. suggests that clients should make an appointment first before visiting the workshop. “It’s just so we can treat each of our clients exclusively equally,” said Musa.

At the moment, Kings Tailor & Co. only provide bespoke tailor service for customers which require one-on-one consultation and another thorough process. But by the end of this year, Kings Tailor & Co. will launch a new service that adopts a made-to-order system. This service will offer less hassle and shorter time to create a well-made suit as the customer can directly choose designs and sizes provided. “This service will offer a simpler process for our customers. It’s convenient for those who have limited time and budget,” explained Musa.

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