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The Joyland Bali 2024 Experience: Three Days of Music, Magic, and Memories

The Joyland Bali 2024 Experience: Three Days of Music, Magic, and Memories
The Joyland Bali 2024 Experience: Three Days of Music, Magic, and Memories

What happens when you blend the power of music with the beauty of a scenic landscape? You get an experience that brings people together like nothing else.

Twice a year, Joyland Festival lights up Jakarta’s grassy fields and Bali’s sunny shores with a vibrant mix of music and arts. Over three jam-packed days, festival-goers can soak up live tunes, bust a gut with comedy acts, catch captivating films, dive into workshops, and explore a curated market, all spread out across the venue’s various zones. But here’s the cool part: Joyland is not just about good times; it is also serious about being eco-friendly, aiming for a minimal environmental footprint. Born from a vision to create a one-of-a-kind sensory experience in lush greenery, Joyland brings together artists from diverse creative fields to collaborate and inspire.

So this year, Joyland returned to Bali as strong as ever. A festival made for everyone, Joyland is crafted to suit all kinds of folks, from energetic youngsters to fun lovers in seasoned families. How exactly is that possible, you may ask? Joyland is kid-friendly, benefitting the older generation of festival-goers who still long for a musically charged outing without stressing about the little ones. On the other hand, they also provide some exclusive spots for grown-ups – 21 and up – where you can kick back and enjoy the scene.

International Music Bands Enliven the Crowds
International Music Bands Enliven the Crowds
The stellar lineup

Though beyond the captivating attractions, what truly drew the masses to Joyland Bali 2024 was its stellar lineup of musical talent. From indie darlings to internationally acclaimed artists, the festival boasted an impressive array of performers that kept the crowds coming back for more. From the soulful melodies of James Blake to the mellow vibes of Kings Of Convenience, as well as the enigmatic sounds of Shintaro Sakamoto, the festival boasted a diverse range of musical talents that catered to every taste and preference.

But it was not just the international acts that stole the show; Joyland also proudly showcased the immense talent of Indonesia’s own music scene. The Adams, The SIGIT, and White Shoes & The Couples Company electrified the audience with their distinctive sounds while emerging stars like Nadin Amizah and Hindia captivated hearts with their raw talent and infectious energy.

Not forgetting the unique genre-defying artists that added a touch of avant-garde to the festival experience. From the experimental beats of Gangsar and Graung to the ethereal sounds of Mong Tong as well as the electrifying performances of LNDH B2B REMPIT G0DDE$$, Joyland truly pushed the boundaries of musical exploration, leaving attendees mesmerised and craving for more.

Taking over the beautiful Peninsula Island, there were four excitingly unique stages spread across the terrain– each boasting its own distinct charm. The Shrooms Garden stage – much of a self-explanatory name – was adorned by whimsical mushroom decor. It served as a lively hub for side-splitting stand-up comedy performances. Overlooking the beach, the Lilypad stage churned out tunes of the alternative kind. For those seeking a more intimate musical experience, the Plainsong Live stage offered a tucked-away haven with its serene vibes. And, last but not least: the Joyland Stage, posed as the front and centre main stage where it housed all the biggest headliners of the whole 3-day event.

Despite the uncooperative weather during the festival days, the true spirit of Joyland prevailed through the pouring rain. Ahead of the event, the Joyland team had wisely advised attendees to pack umbrellas and raincoats to prepare for any downpours while also encouraging them to bring their picnic essentials. Despite the drizzle, nobody was ready to let a little rain dampen their spirits.

In the midst of the occasional showers, it was heartening to watch attendees coming together, singing along and dancing to the captivating tunes. It proved the resilience of the festival crowd, showing that nothing could stop their excitement for the music and the experience. Joyland continued to shine brightly, drawing in a crowd that showcased the festival’s warm and inclusive atmosphere.

White Peacock for Kids' Activity
White Peacock for Kids’ Activity
Some familial joy

For the little adventurers among us, Joyland did not forget to cater, either. Tucked away in the White Peacock tent was a haven where kids could unleash their creativity and boundless energy. It was a place where the little bundle of joy could always be kept stimulated. Inside the tent, colourful booths beckoned with promises of fun-filled activities. From hair braiding to face painting, as well as arts and crafts, there was something to delight every child (and maybe even some adults, if they were feeling adventurous). Other options were as diverse as they were stimulating, ranging from tarot reading to tattoo and nail art. It was a hub of creativity and imagination, where kids could let their imaginations run wild and have a blast. 

But it was not just about the glitz and glam. Joyland also stayed true to its commitment to sustainability and the environment with a series of engaging workshops such as Havaianas sandal painting, recycled magazine plate making, and eco painting on tote bags, providing festival attendees with valuable lessons about conservation and eco-friendly practices while having a blast. 

The aforementioned film-lovers spot was present at Cinerillaz, tucked away from the main stages. Where else would you have heard of such a concept at a festival? Let’s set the scene: catching some arthouse gems just a stone’s throw from your favourite bands. On top of that, it was situated right next to the 21 Monkeys zone— a strictly adults-only sanctuary. If you needed a little liquid courage or a smoke break, this would be your spot. Think of carnival vibes with games and thrills galore, but exclusively for the 21-and-up crew.

No festival is complete without the option to commemorate the moments with pictures of the good times! Naturally, Joyland has got you covered by providing a bunch of photo booths so you can snap those epic moments without waiting forever in line and having ample time to spare. For those who would like to commemorate in other ways, say, through collecting trinkets to remember the festival by, their merchandise is everywhere. The main merchandise store stood conveniently at the entrance and you could scope out an alternative collection of merchandise at the White Peacock area as well.

Now, you cannot possibly attend a festival on an empty stomach, so you would be right to wonder what kind of food and beverages were available at Joyland Bali 2024. It was the perfect way to explore a list of local favourites like Babi Guling Golden and Braud Cafe to renowned spots like Secret Supper and Grillz by Meatguy. There was something to satisfy every craving! Visitors indulged in culinary delights from Eatlah to Jakarta’s beloved Demie Bakmie 69 (and many more) all conveniently located at Joyland Village. It was an absolute feast for the senses.

Joyland Bali 2024 was Full of Energy and Joy
Joyland Bali 2024 was Full of Energy and Joy
Comfortable meets fashionable

In Joyland Bali 2024, the eclectic fashion choices of fellow attendees were as attractive as the festival itself. Dressed in an array of styles, there was one overarching theme: laid-back, indie-inspired comfort. It was as if everyone had collectively agreed that comfort reigned supreme, but aesthetics were not to be compromised. From flowing sundresses to vintage band tees paired with denim shorts, the fashion landscape exuded an effortless coolness. In the midst of this sea of laid-back fashion, one thing was clear: it was a celebration of personal style and individual expression.

Joyland carried an energy true to its name—full of energy and, well, joy. Unlike some festivals that may leave you drained from all the noise and chaos, Joyland embodied a breath of fresh air. It has this calming allure that reminds one of a light summer breeze in the middle of a meadow. Picture this: lying back on your picnic blanket, serenaded by some laid-back tunes, all while soaking in the beauty of the island. It’s the perfect blend of relaxation and positive energy.

As the festival wrapped up, it hit visitors with that classic mix of joy and sadness. Those three days were, as if, a magical escape from reality, bringing people all together from various corners of Indonesia—heck, even from around the world. So to face the reality of going back to mundane routines, it was hard not to feel a twinge of sadness. Yet, isn’t it better to have experienced that bliss, even if it means feeling a bit blue when it is over? It is as the saying goes, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Saying goodbye to one’s festival haven might sting, but one thing was certain: attendees sure were glad it existed in the first place.

All of us knew it was only a temporary goodbye, though. Some of us might already be planning our next trip to Jakarta come November, eager to dive back into the Joyland experience all over again. While others might mark their calendars for next year’s Bali bash, it is evident that Joyland has become a staple for its community. Thus, one can be certain that they would always return with that same warm fuzzy feeling.

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