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Immigration Released New Procedures for Expiring Permits

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Immigration Released New Procedures for Expiring Permits

The Director-General of Immigration, Jhoni Ginting, has issued a new circular letter regarding the procedures of granting an entry permit for those with expiring ITAS, ITAP, IMK, Visa Agreement, and visa holders in Indonesia.

These new procedures related to the temporary prohibition of foreigners entering Indonesia during the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this year, the Minister of Law and Human Rights regulation number 11 the year 2020 and a circular letter of the Directorate General of Immigration number IMI-GR.01.01-2325  the year  2020,  dated  2nd April 2020, both laid out the temporary prohibition of the entry of foreigners to Indonesian. These rules are temporary policies to attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, with a steady increase in cases each day in the country.

The newest circular is designed to complete the previous regulations and to overcome the obstacles in implementing and interpreting the circular letter from 2nd April.

The latest circular includes the procedures for workers or non-workers with an ITAP, (permanent stay permit) and ITAS (temporary stay permit) holders. First, it grants permission to enter to holders of these permits for family reunions, whose entry permit has expired and are currently abroad. It further lays out the procedures for ITAS/ITAP extensions for those which have expired and the holders are current in Indonesia.

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Immigration offices in charge of seven immigration checkpoints will be given the authority to grant a Force Majeure Stay Permit (Entry ITKT), in the form of a hexagonal stamp, without compromising the validity period of the IMK/ITAS/ITAP. These checkpoints are Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta;  Juanda, Surabaya;  Ngurah  Rai, Bali;  Kualanamu, Medan; Hang Nadim, Batam; and Citra Tritunas, Batam.

An immigration officer or landing examiner officer will input every transaction of entry grant to the ITKT feature on a Crossing Application. They will be in charge of processing the entry of foreigners after they have gone through a health check and are determined healthy to enter Indonesian territory by the port health quarantine officer.

A health certificate can be substituted with a fit-to-fly certificate issued by authorities in the person’s country of origin. Once an entry has been granted, anyone coming in must be willing to carry out independent quarantine, at their own expenses,  under the surveillance of the health authorities of Indonesia.

It’s important to note that this ITKT grant is not an automatic extension of ITAS/ITAP for workers, non-workers, or investors. The procedures for an ITAS/ITAP extension requires notification from the  Ministry of  Manpower or a recommendation from the Investment Coordinating Board.

Extension for ITAS/ITAP holders will only be granted after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Extensions require a guarantor to handle the requirements in the form of a notification from the Ministry of Manpower or recommendation from the Investment Coordinating Board. The guarantor will also be required to take care of the IMK for ITAP holders at an immigration office. Moreover, there are procedures to reactivate through the system for Approval/Telex Visa and reactivation through the system for a visa that expires after the COVID-19 pandemic is declared over by the authorities.

The entry stamp for foreigners who hold a visa that was issued since 1 January 2020 and ITAS grant for foreign workers who hold a visa can be done in appointed immigration checkpoints once the pandemic is declared over.

Reactivating the approval/telex visa will be done automatically through the system and will be valid for 60 days after the COVID-19 pandemic is declared over. This applies to all approval/telex visas that have been issued since 1st January 2020 and approval/telex visas that have expired, and those who haven’t collected the visa from the Indonesian representatives. For holders of this visa type; they still need to take the visa from the Indonesian representative that they selected during the application process.

The arrival of an investor must be reported to the Investment Coordinating Board in accordance with the guarantors of the investor, whose issuance of the approval/telex visa or visa for investors are through the procedures mentioned above.

Meanwhile, reactivating a visa will also be done automatically through the system after the COVID-19 pandemic has been declared over and is applicable to all visas issued since 1 January 2020 by Indonesian representatives through the SIMKIM  application and for visas that have expired and visas that have not been used to travel to Indonesian territory. Reactivated visas are valid for 90 days after the pandemic. However, the system-based automatic reactivation cannot be done for visas issued by Indonesian Representatives that have not used the SIMKIM application.

Lastly, the guarantors of any foreign workers (TKA), whose issuance of an approval/telex visa or visa for foreign workers must notify the Directorate General of  Labour Placement and Working Opportunity Expansion Development at the Ministry of Manpower regarding the arrival of the TKA.

In order to support the accountability of this circular letter, the Immigration Crossing Application (APK) SIMKIM, version two, will provide new features, namely ITKT Entry to input four crossing transaction types for ITAS/ITAP holders. The recapitulation of entry permits in the form of Force Majeure Stay Permits (ITKT) will be reported on a monthly basis by the Directorate of Immigration Information Systems and Technology to the Director-General of Immigration. PERLUASAN_SE_PELARANGAN_SEMENTARA_ORANG_ASING_MASUK_WILAYAH_RI_MENGENAI (2)

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