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Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia

Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia

In Indonesia, it’s clear how many people rely on smartphones to go about their day to day lives. With more than 180 million smartphone users in 2020 alone, Indonesia is a hub for mobile connectivity.

Below are our top ten apps to have downloaded that will make your experience in Indonesia more convenient and enjoyable. The following apps are available for free for both Android and iOS users.

Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia – GOJEK
  1. Gojek

If you live in Indonesia, it’s probably no surprise that Gojek is on this list. Gojek provides fast, affordable and flexible services like ridesharing through GoRide, delivery of shopping and food with GoSend and GoFood, supermarket shopping through GoMart, and more. This Indonesian multi-service app has dominated the mobile industry with over 20 services including massages and haircuts! Gojek drivers are easy to communicate with by call and chat options that are included in the app. For non-Indonesian speakers, a box of translated common phrases is provided.

Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia – GRAB
  1. Grab

Similar to Gojek, Grab is an on-demand service platform that provides multiple services like ridesharing with Grabcar and food delivery on GrabFood. It’s currently available in 125 cities throughout Indonesia and is known for its quality ride services. Each driver under Grab Holdings is required to be registered, educated on smartphones, and have purchased commercial insurance. Grab also allows you to see the ratings of drivers by other passengers, making it easy to make your choice!

Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia – Air Visual
  1. Air Visual

In a country with such a high population, there are many days where the air quality in Indonesia is not necessarily healthy in the cities. Air Visual provides real-time forecasts of air pollution in your selected city, in the form of an air quality index. It’s also possible to personalise the app to your activity pattern. Air Visual allows you to measure the air pollution in the air and take measures to reduce your exposure to poor air quality such as wearing a mask or using a home air purifier.

Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia – Happy Fresh
  1. Happy Fresh

Happy Fresh is your one-stop platform for online grocery shopping. Through this app, groceries can be ordered and a trained personal shopper will visit your selected grocery store to purchase your items and deliver them to your home. This app is perfect for anyone who might be too busy to pick up groceries or for those lazy days when you just need some extra toilet paper. The app provides efficient communication with personal shoppers and even deals or special discounts on your shopping.

Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia – FAVE
  1. Fave

Fave provides the best deals and discounts to save money from places around Indonesia. This app provides services in areas such as Jakarta, Bali, Bandung, Surabaya, and Medan. It’s an app that makes shopping effortless with the best deals and promos to stick to your budget. Discount coupons are provided for restaurants, beauty salons, hotels, theme parks, and more.

Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia – OVO
  1. Ovo

Ovo is an application that makes transactions easier and helps you collect points in certain stores around Indonesia. It’s a leading digital payment service that’s easy to use and is available in most supermarkets, malls, and restaurants. It’s also affiliated with Grab Holdings and can be used to pay for rideshares or other services. The collected points can also be used for payments.

Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia – Traveloka
  1. Traveloka

Traveloka is an Indonesian online travel company that offers flights, hotel bookings, train tickets, car rentals, packages, attraction tickets, and more. It’s an expanding company that has partnered with more than 100 airlines and the largest direct accommodation inventory. Traveloka provides 24/7 customer service with workers that speak in different languages. If you’re looking to purchase a flight ticket for a weekend away or for cheap tickets to the nearest theme park, Traveloka is the app to download.

Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia – Tokopedia


  1. Tokopedia

Tokopedia is the perfect app to delve into the world of online shopping and treating yourself! From fashion, electronics, cosmetics, furniture, and more this app is an online market place where you can buy anything and have it delivered to your home. Just make sure you keep an eye on how much you’re spending. Tokopedia provides a variety of payment and delivery services with 24/7 online communication that makes shopping easy and safe.

Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia – Shopee
  1. Shopee

Shopee is a mobile platform that offers efficient buying and selling experiences. Similar to Tokopedia, Shopee is an online app that makes shopping easy and affordable. It serves customers across Southeast Asia with a range of products and quality customer service. You can purchase or sell items on Shopee through different purchasing services including e-money. If you can, it’s recommended to have a local friend to help navigate the app; if you don’t speak Bahasa Indonesia, some communication with Shopee sellers may be difficult.

Top Ten Apps to Have in Indonesia – WAZE
  1. Waze

Waze is a must-have in Indonesia, especially with the number of traffic jams you might face throughout your day. It’s an incredible app to help navigate the streets of Indonesia for location and route planning. Waze is continuously updated to remove impassable roads and help to avoid traffic jams. This app provides updates of people’s whereabouts to help identify problem routes or clogged up roads.

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