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Penguins Roam Shedd Aquarium during US Cities’ Lockdown

Tourist sites such as zoos have also been closed during the coronavirus lockdowns across the world, but Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois has taken this moment a good use.

Deserted of visitors, a video circulating on social media shows zookeepers letting the penguins freely roam around the aquarium while the area has no public footfall.

Shedd Aquarium took the charming video of one of its rockhopper penguins, a male named Wellington, getting the run of the place now that the big lakefront aquarium is closed in order to try to help prevent coronavirus transmission.

“Some penguins got to meet other animals in Shedd. Wellington seems to be most interested in the fishes on Amazon Rising! The black-walled ones also seem interested in their unusual visitors,” was the caption on Twitter by @shedd_aquarium.

A little penguin is seen looking at the fishes in a large tank, while a school of fish watched the penguin closely through the glass wall. Other penguins seemed to approach a fish tank decorated with lamps.

The coronavirus outbreak had resulted in several countries isolating public spaces and going on lockdown. Lockdown means limiting all incoming and outgoing access from one area to another or from one country to another, meaning public facilities and public areas are closed as well as eliminating outdoor activities as citizens are urged to stay at home.

Fortunately, this video appeared and had heartened netizens in the midst of this pandemic while self-isolating at their homes.

Source:  Liputan 6

Image: NBC Chicago

Video: Youtube (The Guardian)

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