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Jokowi: Papua to have Presidential Palace and 4G

President Jokowi

President Joko Widodo has said that he will begin constructing a presidential palace in Papua.

“Next year we will start building a presidential palace in Papua,” he stated in front of 60 Papuan figures who were visiting the presidential palace in Jakarta on Tuesday 10th September.

Abisai Rollo, head of the Jayapura Legislative Council, was the one who suggested that the President build a palace in Papua. He also added that Papuans will provide the government with 10 hectares of land for free.

“Building a presidential palace in the capital city of Papua is needed, so Mr. President, you will not only visit Papua but you also have an office there,” Abisai said during the meeting.

Jokowi also promised that the government will complete the construction of a broadband network in east Indonesia, including Papua, under the Palapa Ring Project.

“So there will be 4G connection in all cities across Papua,” Jokowi said. The president also promised to provide more opportunities for Papua residents to work in state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

Source: The Jakarta Post
Image: BBC

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