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Jakarta’s New Icon: Hutan Kota Plataran at GBK

Hutan Kota Plataran

The concept of Hutan Kota Plataran, or Plataran City Forest, revolves around the history, nature, culture, and success of Indonesia.

It comes with the tagline “Light of Nusantara” where the history, nature, culture, and success of Indonesia along with cosmopolitan facilities are mixed in one place. It is expected to be the inspiration for Indonesia’s success; for the people of Jakarta and the world.

“Hopefully, people who come here will leave having had a wonderful, total experience from the ambiance and nature in the midst of the crowded capital,” said founder of Plataran, Dewi Makes.
To access this place, visitors can use public transportation like the GBK MRT station, Gojek, Grab, or taxi, as well as their personal vehicles by entering through the doors five, seven, and ten at Gelora Bung Karno (GBK).

Putri Dewi

As one of the newest icons of Jakarta, various facilities such as restaurants and MICE events are catered for anyone, with spaces such as; Plataran Tembok Ekspresi Plataran Putri Dewi Conference Deck; Plataran Pet Playground; and a prayer area. Thousands of plants as well as birds from the Plataran Menjangan West Bali National Park are also present.

“Hutan Kota Plataran is open for everybody, both domestic and international visitors. They can enjoy the Indonesian culture of togetherness, but in a serene and different atmosphere,” said founder and CEO of Plataran, Yozua Makes.
Yosua emphasised that Plataran did not receive funding from the government to reviltalise this area or for the maintainence, even though location is handled by the government. Instead, Plataran aims to provide a sanctuary that reflects Indonesian culture and represents a dining experience for visitors.

Indonesian people love to share their food, exactly as prepared by mothers and grandmothers during meal times. Authentic Indonesian food is only provided on the menu, which’s bound to be specially curated for this branch of Plataran.

Kerapu Sauce Nanas

“The dishes provided are similar to our favourite street foods served across the nation. But we realised that there are other businesses and also street vendors around GBK, whom we do not wish to compete with. As a result, we’ve tweaked a few ingredients.

“For example, based on our research, ketoprak is a much-loved dish. Since some people are relatively health conscious nowadays, they are aware that ketoprak has too much carbs. Therefore, we switched the noodles into shiratake noodles which are known to be low carb – the ketoprak is healthier and tastes just as good as your typical ketoprak,” said vice president of venues and dining of Plataran, Permana Sigidprawiro.

Though there is still some ongoing construction, Hutan Kota Plataran is ready to open to the public on 19th December 2019. The space is scheduled to be fully completed by late January or early February 2020.

Plataran Indonesia is an Indonesian hospitality company that was established, driven, and executed all by Indonesian citizens. In addition to the field of food and beverages, Plataran has received various national and international awards, especially in the field of ecotourism and sustainable development.

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