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Jakarta and Bali are Safer than Some Other Cities in the World

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Jakarta is considered more secure than Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and Johor Bahru in Malaysia, in terms of the crime rate and general security of their citizens.

Numbeo, a database that gets data direct from users, ranked cities across the world based on statistics on crime rates, health services, living costs, pollution, and other social indicators.

As reported by ABC Indonesia, in the ranking of criminality, Jakarta is ranked 92nd with a crime index of 54.26, while the other Indonesian area of Bali was ranked 133rd with a criminality index of 47.66. Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and Johor Bahru in Malaysia have a higher ranking, therefore are considered more dangerous.
As Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur is now a business centre at 34, with an index of 66.21, Petaling Jaya at 62 (index 68.28) and Johor Bahru at 78 with a 56.82 index.

In the last three years there were 287 inhabitants of Jakarta who gave their opinions on the level of security and criminality. 66 per cent of respondents answered that they feel safe to walk alone during the day, whereas 34.77 percent felt safe to walk alone at night. The highest statistic for Jakarta was the problem of corruption and bribery, with 84.36 percent saying it happens a lot.

Meanwhile, for Bali, the sense of safety when walking in the daytime is lower than that of Jakarta, but walking at night in Bali is felt to be safer than in Jakarta. As for getting robbed, having a car stolen, getting attacked or verbally abused based on ethnic, religious, racial and intergroup concerns only reach about 45-50 percent.

Two cities in Australia, Darwin and Townsville, are also higher in its criminality than Jakarta and Bali. Darwin was scored 50 percent, while Townsville was scored at 65 percent. The main concern for residents in Darwin was the level of criminality in general, fear of being robbed, being afraid of cars being vandalised, and being a victim of violent crime.

The most dangerous city in the world is the Venezuelan capital of Caracas with an index of 84.92 followed in second place by Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea. Several cities in South Africa such as Pietermaritzburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Johannesburg are included in the 10 major cities with high crime rates.

According to Numbeo, for the survey they collected reports from 77,151 people living in 5,423 cities around the world. The figures that appear in the survey were a general estimate of the level of criminality in one city and is regularly updated.

Source: Liputan 6
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