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Google Maps Adds Motorcycle Mode in Indonesia

Google has recently released a motorcycle feature in the Indonesian market to help two-wheeled traffic move more efficiently.

In a recent post, Google noted that the number of motorcycles on Indonesian streets outnumbered cars seven to one, with most households finding travel via motorcycle more convenient.

“Motorcycles have specific needs. Motorists can take routes that can’t be passed by cars such as narrow streets and alleys. There are also certain roads that motorcycles can’t pass, such as toll roads,” said Google.

The motorcycle feature will also provide a different estimated travel time than the Google Maps for cars. It would use machine-learning based on motorcycle speeds to estimate more accurate travel times, include special routes like shortcuts through narrow roads, and eventually open API support for freight forwarding services.

The company said this was part of a series of upgrades to its functions in the region which included collaborating with ride-sharing services to make it easier to find ojeks or taxis, adding real-time data from the Kereta Rel Listrik Commuter Line, and destination alerts so commuters don’t miss their stops.

It added that these efforts contributed to Google Maps’ two-fold increase in users over the past year.

Source: The Star

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