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Indonesians Repatriated from Poland

A total of 18 Indonesian citizens (WNI) in Poland have returned to Indonesia. The repatriation has been a result of the lockdown policy implemented by the local government since mid-March to suppress the spread of the coronavirus.

“The plane tickets they bought for the 12th April 2020 was cancelled by KLM because of the closure of the airport in Germany. The citizens traveled for 5 hours over a distance of 520 km from Warsaw City to the City of Industry, Western Poland on the 16th April 2020,” said a written statement obtained by AFP from the Embassy of the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague,

Of the 18 Indonesians, 17 of them are migrant workers (PMI), and another is a S2 student in the city of Dorm Poznan, Poland. The repatriation process had to be carried out using land travel through three countries, namely Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands after the original flight tickets had been cancelled.

After leaving from Poland, the Indonesians arrived in Germany. In Germany, the group were handled by the Indonesian Embassy in Berlin before finally continuing their overland journey to Schiphol international airport, the Netherlands.

“Preliminary results of monitoring by the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague said the Indonesians appeared healthy and showed no symptoms indicating health problems,” it was said in a written statement.

Source: Detik

Image: Detik

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