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Google to Introduce New Spam Protection Feature

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Google is introducing new features in a bid to protect its users from spam content.

The new system is called “Verified SMS” and helps users identify the authenticity of an SMS from businesses that are not real. A verified message will show users the name and company logo in the chat window.

A number of brands, including Branco Bradesco, Kayak, Payback, SoFi, and 1 800-Flowers, are now able to send the verified SMS through the Google Mail application. Verified SMS have been launched across the US, India, Mexico, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, the Philippines, Spain and Canada, with more countries set to get the feature.

Although the new spam protection feature is not new, it is being rolled out more broadly than before across the US. The real-time spam protection system warns users that the sender of the message is suspected to be spamming and will detect whether the link in the message could lead to an insecure website. User can also report the spam message, and block the message source from sending further messages.

Google has collaborated with all US operators for the Message application feature. Users who have not yet activated it must update the Mail application and complete activation with their operator.

Source: Antaranews

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