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567 Indonesians Abroad Positive for COVID-19

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported that there have been 567 Indonesians that have tested positive for coronavirus whilst overseas as of Monday 27th April.

Out of that number, there have been deaths of Indonesians whilst overseas who had received a positive test for coronavirus. 11 people from Indonesia sadly died in the United States, five people in Saudi Arabia, four in the Netherlands, a further two passed in Britain, Malaysia, and Singapore each, one person died in Turkey, and four people who were crewing yachts also succumbed to the disease.

Based on data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, ABK Indonesian citizens have the most recorded infections, with 149 people affected, 17 recovering, and 128 still being treated.

108 Indonesian citizens in Malaysia have also been infected with the coronavirus. So far, only 11 people have recovered, while others are still being treated. Indonesians in India have the highest numbers of infections, with 75 positive tests. Dozens of Indonesian citizens are members of the Tablig Jamaah who are on a pilgrimage and had been attending religious services in India. In addition, Singapore and the US have 50 and 40 Indonesians with coronavirus respectively.

“Following the development of COVID-19 in the world and the Protection of Indonesian Citizens as of Monday 27th April, at 08.00 WIB; there are Indonesian citizens who have recovered from COVID19 in Pakistan and Singapore. 31 died, and 372 others in intensive care, ” said a tweet by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (@Kemlu_Ri).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that, so far, there is a total of 717 Indonesian citizens in the Tabligh Congregation trapped in India due to the policy of lockdown, that was announced with four hours notice, related to the spread of coronavirus.

A number of Indonesian representatives abroad have repatriated Indonesians affected by lockdown policies in several countries that wanted to get home.

Source: CNN Indonesia

Image:Thomas SAMSON / POOL / AFP

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