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Government Distributes Mobile Data for Online Learning

Government Distributes Mobile Data for Online Learning

Nadiem Makarim, the Minister of Education and Culture, has declared that free mobile data will be distributed to educators and students in the next three months.

“Each month, there will be two stages of distribution. Stage one and stage two. If in stage one, there is a number that is inactive or an incorrect input, it can be corrected for the second phase in that month,” said Nadiem.

According to Nadiem, the delivery of the third month will be carried out in conjunction with the fourth month’s free data and will be valid for 75 days. In the first and second month, the mobile data will be valid for three days from receipt.

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The distribution is to be scheduled for 22-24th September for phase one of the first month. Phase two is to start on 28-30th September.

Nadiem noted that the mobile data assistance would be divided into different volumes for different groups of people including early childhood students, primary and secondary students, early childhood educators, and primary and secondary educators.

To distribute the mobile data, cellphone numbers and school operators need to be collected. Cellphone numbers and mobile operators also need to be verified.

Nadiem said he will ensure that the Ministry of Education and Culture would overlook the distribution of data assistance. However, it encouraged the public to further report irregularities or mistakes in distribution.

Source: Bisnis Tempo

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