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Health Ministry: Fill out e-Hac Before Domestic Departure


The Health Ministry is enforcing the use of the Electronic Health Alert Card (e-Hac) for domestic air travellers, which must be completed before departure.

This new rule will be effective as of 3rd March 2022,” said the Expert Staff of the Health Ministry for Health Technology Setiaji, as quoted from the official Sehatnegeriku website of the Health Ministry on Wednesday 2nd March 2022.

All domestic travellers need to update the PeduliLindungi application and pay attention to the latest regulations regarding e-Hac before checking in at the departure airport, or at the latest a day before the flight schedule. The updates made regarding the two applications are used to check fitness to fly by airport officials.

Now, e-Hac is used as an inspection tool upon departure and is no longer being checked upon arrival at the destination. This practice was changed because the arrival gates of several airports often experienced long queues during e-Hac inspections which now could possibly be prevented.

Furthermore, Setiaji explained that this rule does not only apply to air transportation passengers but is also mandatory for land and sea travellers, too. 

“In the future, the features and flow of filling out the e-HAC in the PeduliLindungi application will continue to be evaluated and developed, with data that is increasingly integrated and adapted to the applicable health protocol policies,” said Setiaji.

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