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Cultivating Excellence: A for Effort’s Story of Growth in Indonesia

Cultivating Excellence: A for Effort's Story of Growth in Indonesia
Cultivating Excellence: A for Effort's Story of Growth in Indonesia

Catering to the Needs of International Students

International students often find themselves benefitting from tutoring services due to the unique challenges faced when settling into a new country. Transitioning between different educational systems can be challenging, and tutoring support for their specific curriculum might be scarce.

A for Effort, a tutoring centre in South Jakarta, recognised the need for a tutoring program that focuses specifically on the needs of international students, no matter which school system they are enrolled in. This focused support offered by A for Effort differentiates the company from its competitors.

Since their establishment in 2016, their team has built years of experience understanding the different curriculums offered at international schools throughout Indonesia. With over 35,000 lesson hours since its founding, A for Effort’s tutors have what it takes to ensure their students get the personalised support that they need.

This article traces the journey of A for Effort, highlighting its establishment, growth, and its current status as a trusted name in tutoring in Jakarta.

A for Effort specialises in providing tutoring for Math, Science, and English within Jakarta, focusing on international curricula.
A for Effort specialises in providing tutoring for Math, Science, and English within Jakarta, focusing on international curricula.

More than just Tutoring

A for Effort is a Math, Science, and English tutoring centre in Jakarta specialised in international curriculums. Students range from Elementary to Middle and High School, including specialised tutoring courses for IB, AP, and A-level students.

With an emphasis on personalised lessons, tutors at A for Effort carefully plan each lesson to ensure that each student’s personal goals are attended to. This could include gaining confidence in a subject matter, bridging academic gaps, working on test-taking skills, or preparing for university entrance exams.

The ultimate goal of the A for Effort team is to ensure that students enjoy attending their tutoring sessions in order for them to truly grasp and understand the material. By simplifying explanations and providing a comfortable place to ask questions, the interactive lessons become memorable moments for the students, where the bond between the student and tutor plays a vital role.

A for Effort has experienced in-house tutors
A for Effort has experienced in-house tutors

Establishment and Early Days

A for Effort had its roots in the vision of its founder, who, while tutoring students from international schools, recognised a substantial demand for high-quality tutoring services. Students benefited from their tutoring lessons where their engagement and interaction levels were high, and the material was presented in a simplified manner, allowing students to grasp the information better.

The founder’s personal experience as an international student growing up, became a distinguishing factor, attracting students seeking tailored guidance to excel in their studies.

With demand increasing, A for Effort established its first small team of in-house tutors, who underwent significant training in order to continue the tutoring methods and approach that students were accustomed to from its founder. The first A for Effort classrooms were created in 2018, which consisted of two small classrooms and a waiting area.

Rising through the Pandemic

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a surge in the demand for online tutoring services. While many tutoring centres in Indonesia were negatively impacted negatively by the pandemic, some even had to close their doors, A for Effort switched directly to online tutoring from the onset of the pandemic in order to assist students in these difficult times.

With schools transitioning to online learning, students faced challenges adapting to virtual classrooms, leading to a noticeable academic gap. A for Effort stepped up to meet this demand, offering personalised tutoring that addressed individual learning needs. As a result, the centre saw unprecedented growth during the pandemic, and offered its services to students across the globe.

With the rise in both online and in-person tutoring, A for Effort created a larger team and moved to a new location to meet the increase in demand for tutoring.

Continued Growth

After the pandemic waned, students, recognising the value of personalised attention and the need to bridge learning gaps, continued to seek the center’s services. In less than one year after moving into their new, larger location, it was again time to pack their belongings and move into a space quadruple its size, that would support their future growth. In 2022, A for Effort moved into its current location at Park View Plaza.

Pleasant atmosphere at A for Effort
Playful atmosphere at A for Effort

Strategic Location and Further Expansion

A for Effort’s strategic move to Park View Plaza on the outskirts of Kemang in August 2022 marked a pivotal moment in its journey. This location, easily accessible to students from all areas in South Jakarta, contributed significantly to its continued growth. The center, having relocated three times before, continued to outgrow its classrooms within less than a year at each new location, necessitating a complete reconstruction.

Now, in January 2024, A for Effort has finalised their latest renovations which resulted in 11 new state-of-the-art classrooms for their students. Recognising the diverse needs of its student base, which range from Elementary students to High School Seniors, the company created dedicated classrooms for the different age groups to better cater to the different needs.

Equipped with monitors displaying lesson materials, projectors for interactive learning, tables doubling as whiteboards, and inspiring classroom designs, A for Effort ensures an optimal learning environment to inspire and motivate. The carefully selected decor adds a lively and dynamic touch, creating an immersive experience for students. In these premises, A for Effort tutors conduct on-site as well as online lessons to students in Indonesia and beyond, supporting students in almost all continents of the world on a daily basis.

Experience the Difference

As A for Effort completes its latest renovation, the tutoring center stands as a testament to its dedication to providing the best possible learning environment for students. As a trusted name in tutoring, A for Effort continues to ensure that students receive the support they need to excel in their academic pursuits. For more information, please contact A for Effort at +62-(0)819-1100-1203.

A for Effort

  • Park View Plaza
  • Jl. Taman Kemang No 27, South Jakarta
  • [email protected]
  • +62-(0)819-1100-1203

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