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A for Effort
Who Are We?

A for Effort is a Math & Science tutoring centre located in South Jakarta helping students at international schools with their online and offline school journey. Having extensive knowledge of the curriculums and expectations students face at international schools in Jakarta, we at A for Effort tailor each lesson specifically to meet each student’s individual needs.

Sessions are taught through engaging and interactive methods by our small group of well-trained in-house tutors. Our biggest priority is for students to regain confidence and enhance their understanding of Math and Science through enjoyable lessons, no matter what age!

Tutoring for Younger Students (Pre-KG – Elementary)

For our younger students, we introduce the material through hands-on activities and exercises which gives them first-hand experience with the subject matter. This positive introduction to these subjects ensures a solid foundation that will benefit them for many years to come.

Tutoring for Older Students (Middle School – High School)

For our older students, the lessons are likewise engaging yet tailored to their relevant grade levels. A for Effort will help students to catch up on any topic they need help with, in combination with keeping them on the path with their school’s curriculum. Having a solid understanding of all Mathematical rules is detrimental for students in order to move on to other units, where the basic Math rules will reappear in different contexts. For Science lessons, our tutors will provide thorough explanations of the topics combined with relevant examples or experiments.

Tutoring for IB and AP Students

For our IB and AP tutoring sessions, plenty of official IB and AP work papers are supplied to students for them to work with during the lessons and to take home for additional practice. The familiarity students gain through practising the various types of official IB or AP questions along with an understanding of the grading system helps them to fully prepare for their upcoming exams.

Keeping Parents Informed

To ensure parents are well informed about the student’s progress, A for Effort sends out lesson updates after each lesson to inform parents about the topics covered, the student’s class effort and any additional details worth noting. Additionally, monthly progress reports are sent to all parents which track their progress on all subtopics relevant to their curriculum. Where requested we can also work in collaboration with the student’s school teacher to ensure full alignment of our lessons and goals.

Book your slot!

Sessions can be held at A for Effort’s private tutoring classrooms, allowing students to experience a true classroom environment again. Online Zoom lessons are also available, and closely resemble the practical lessons taught in the classrooms. Home visits are also an option. All tutors are fully vaccinated and all face-to-face lessons follow a strict covid-protocol.

QUOTE parent

Thanks to the dedication and support of A for Effort, my son’s grades and confidence have significantly improved, he has A* in the classes we needed support and got into his first-choice college. We can’t thank them enough!” – says a parent.

Parents can apply for A for Effort’s services by accessing the company website It has detailed information about the various services offered and can be used to request more information or schedule lessons by directly contacting through a form on the site.

Or kindly contact WhatsApp number at 081911001203 or via email at [email protected] as well.

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