Foreigners Breaching Balinese-owned Villa Arrested and Threatened with Deportation

breaching foreigners

The Denpasar Immigration Detention Centre has detained six foreigners from Moldova and Russia for causing trouble and disturbing the local community in the Mengwi area in Badung, Bali.

“The foreigners are known to have forcefully made their way into a villa belonging to a local resident without the owner’s permission and claimed that the villa belonged to them,” said Jamaruli Manihuruk, Head of the Regional Office of the Law and Human Rights Ministry, Bali, in a press release on Friday 8th April 2022. 

Five foreigners from the Republic of Moldova – with the initials DD, 44; EE, 31; EE, 35; AE, 5; DM, 10; – and one foreigner from Russia AD, 24, were all held. The two adult men, two adult women, and two small children were then taken and temporarily placed in the Denpasar Immigration Detention Centre.

The six foreigners were uncooperative with the officers because they did not respond to the officers’ questions and did not want to show their passports and residence permits,” added Manihuruk.

The Moldovan nationals hold visit stay permits while the Russian holds a limited stay permit as an investor. They are currently being held under threat of being deported from Indonesia.

Manihuruk said that communication with the Moldovan State Embassy in Tokyo is under way to help find a solution regarding their deportation. Meanwhile, the Russian citizen is in the process of coordinating with the Russian Embassy in Jakarta for a follow-up.

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