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Top Tourist Destinations in Malang from Waterfall to Paragliding

Sendang Biru Beach

Malang is one of the most peaceful cities in East Java, where you can spend a whole weekend with everlasting enjoyment.

This city is not only a perfect trip destination for solo travellers, but also for groups or families; it offers a lot of interesting activities that cannot be explored in just one day. If you do not know where to spend your vacation in Malang, here are the top four enjoyable destinations that you have to visit.

Coban Talun Waterfall Coban Talun Waterfall 
Located in Batu, 20 kilometres from Malang, Coban Talun waterfall is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It offers not only a mesmerising view of the waterfall, but also an outbound area, camping grounds, a pine forest, and flower gardens for only Rp5,000. There are also unique camps that you can actually stay in for around Rp500,000 per night. For instance, the Apache camp is where you can sleep in a teepee and the Pagupon camp is a small cottage that looks like a dovecote. These colourful lodges are the best spots for taking selfies.

In order to reach the waterfall, you need to trek down approximately 2 kilometres. Along the way, you will pass through a beautiful pine forest in a calm and tranquil environment. The journey to the waterfall is not that easy, especially during the rainy season when the terrain is very muddy. The best time to visit this waterfall is from June to September when the weather is rather sunny.

Coban Talun waterfall is 75 metres tall and 15 metres across. Surrounded by a magnificent mountain forest with big white stones, Coban Talun waterfall offers breathtaking scenery when the weather is fine. You can also take a refreshing dip in the water while also hear the soothing sound of the falls. It is indeed very relaxing!

The Labyrinth Garden at Coban Rondo Waterfall 

The Labyrinth Garden at Coban Rondo Waterfall 
Another top attraction in Malang is the labyrinth garden at Coban Rondo Waterfall. Actually, Coban Rondo also offers many kinds of outdoor activities, such as an outbound area, camping grounds, and a waterfall just like Coban Talun. However, the labyrinth garden is a new and popular destination at Coban Rondo Waterfall.

Situated in Pujon District, Coban Rondo waterfall can be accessed within an hour of Malang. The entrance ticket and parking fee cost Rp30,000. However, you have to pay an extra fee of Rp30,000 to savour the labyrinth and other attractions, such as flying fox, horse riding, and a set of carnival games.

The labyrinth garden is the star at the Coban Rondo waterfall complex. Although the labyrinth garden is not that big, exploring it would be very challenging and will even drain your energy, thoughts, and feelings. The purpose is to find the fountain in the centre of the labyrinth. A difficult task indeed, with a 2-metre-high wall made of leaves. If you want to know the shape and the route of the labyrinth, you can climb up the watchtower at the entrance of the labyrinth. You will never remember the way to the fountain once you have come down; that is the fun thing about solving the mystery of this labyrinth!

Paragliding at Banyak Mountain
Paragliding at Banyak Mountain

Paragliding at Banyak Mountain 
If you have the guts to experience extreme adventure sport, try paragliding at Banyak mountain. Located close to Coban Rondo waterfall, only a 15-minute drive uphill, Banyak mountain offers a spectacular view for paragliding activities. It costs about Rp350,000 to enjoy a 15-minute paragliding flight. The price includes the insurance as well as a certificate of participation you can take home.

Although it may seem scary, it is actually safe to join a paragliding flight since it is a tandem flight with a pilot. Before you embark, an instructor will give a short brief about the parts of paraglider and how it works to make you feel more secure, especially for first-timers. You will also be equipped with a harness attached to the pilot and a helmet for maximum protection. While you are on a paragliding flight, you have to fully trust the pilot because they will be the one who takes control of the flight. Do not worry, they are paragliding professionals who went to paragliding schools and obtained a certification from the Persatuan Layang Gantung Indonesia (PLGI) or Indonesian Air Sports Association.

Known not only for paragliding, but the Banyak mountain complex also has other attractions you can enjoy, such as tree houses and a sky garden. By paying Rp10,000 for each attraction, you can wander around these unique spots. The treehouse itself is amazing and you can book for around Rp300,000 per night. However, this wooden cabin built in a tall pine tree is very small, only 3×2 metres, and it can only be occupied by a maximum of three people. After your stay, you will receive two packets of tree seeds to preserve the planet. Definitely an unforgettable, green experience!

Boat Riding at Sendang Biru Beach  
Malang has a lot of beaches to offer too, and one of them is Sendang Biru beach. This beach is situated in South Malang, around 70 kilometres from the city and is accessible only through winding streets and forests; it is still very natural. As the name suggests, Sendang Biru beach, which in Javanese means blue spring, has clear waters displaying an undoubtedly beautiful shade of turquoise.

Sendang Biru beach is not recommended for swimming because the waves might not be as calm enough for soaking up the sun, let alone surfing and snorkelling. However, you can still indulge yourself with a bunch of seafood restaurants where you can grill your own fish while also sipping a fresh green coconut under the palm trees.

While you are at Sendang Biru beach, try to take a boat for Rp130,000 per boat with a maximum of 10 people on board. The boat will let you explore the crystal blue ocean with breathtaking scenery. There is a small inhabited islet nearby called Sempu, covered with jungle and an astonishing blue lagoon at the islet called Segara Anakan lagoon, with crystal-clear blue water surrounded by prolific hills to protect the lagoon from strong currents. You can also feel the serenity and forget the frenetic life of the city. Such a therapeutic getaway for the weekend!

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