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How To Spend Idul Fitri In the City

Idul Fitri is one of Indonesia’s most important holidays, celebrating the end of the fasting month of Ramadan. Many non-Muslim expats and locals leave the city to enjoy the long weekend in Bali or Yogyakarta, but others prefer to stay in town and embrace the rare opportunity to take to the empty streets and explore. Thinking of staying in Jakarta this year but not sure how to spend the days? We’ve got you covered.

Why go out when you can stay in?

Don’t have enough time to arrange a holiday? No problem, treat yourself to a staycation. Many of the city’s best hotels offer Idul Fitri packages, which include food and beverage deals as well as top-notch service. Stay in and enjoy some quiet time while Jakarta becomes a ghost town.

Lose yourself in the crowds at Ancol

North Jakarta’s Ancol beach complex teems with families and groups of friends, but on Idul Fitri weekend it takes on a special celebratory vibe.

Enjoy a delicious meal and cool drink from one of the many seaside restaurants, or hire a boat to take out onto the water for an afternoon of sea breeze and gorgeous sunset views.

Spend the day in Glodok

If there’s one area of the city which never slows down, it’s Glodok. Head to Jakarta’s Chinatown to soak up the exciting blend of traditional Chinese-Indonesian culture in the fast paced city. Visit the historic Kim Tek Ie Temple, first built in 1650 and restored after a devastating fire in 2015, and be instantly transported.

Food Safari in Pluit

For many, the amazing food on offer in North Jakarta’s Pluit remains but a dream with traffic making it difficult to visit on weekends. But, with millions out of town for the holiday it is an easy drive to sample some of the best foods from across Indonesia. There are plenty of vegetarian options on hand for the healthwise, but we recommend tucking into the Medanese-Chinese fare.

Skip Over to the Thousand Islands

Just a short boat ride from North Jakarta, the Thousand Islands feels like it could be a million miles away from the bustling, polluted city. With a range of accommodations available as well as day trip packages, a visit to the islands suits any expat looking for a short beach break.

The area consists of around 150 islands, with Bidadari Island only 15 kilometres from the Ancol Marina perfectly suiting those who do not want to stray too far from the city.

Go Glamping in the Forest

Tired of the tropical beach dream? Head inland and camp at Gede Pangrango National Park in Sukabumi, West Java. Glamping specialists Tana Kita provide all meals, readymade tents, sleeping bags and pillows as well as guides for a variety of activities around the park. Visit for more information.


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