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Interesting Landmarks in Madura

You’ve ventured to the historical city of Surabaya. Are you confused about where to go? Well, we have an excellent suggestion for you. Madura is a great destination to explore in East Java. It is located beside Surabaya and is connected to Surabaya by the longest bridge in Indonesia – the Suramadu Bridge. It has numerous remarkable landmarks which are perfect for tourists and photographers alike.

Here are four unique places worth visiting in Madura:

Gili Labak

Indonesia is widely known as a country of islands. One of the prominent islands in East Java is Gili Labak, located in the district of Madura. It was previously known as Pulau Tikus (Mouse Island) due to its tiny size. However, due its unique beauty, lush green grass and crystal-clear oceans, the island was renamed Gili Labak – the Lilliputian heaven on the edge of Madura.

Since it is located in the eastern district of Madura, it takes some time and effort to reach Gili Labak. The only way to reach it is by a two-hour boat ride. Once you’ve arrived, you can proceed to the Kalianget Port by taxi and upon your arrival, you can rent a boat for about Rp500,000. The boat driver will take you around the waters of Gili Labak and Kalianget Port. The travel time is approximately two to three hours, depending on the weather conditions. Thanks to the beautiful scenery and the variety of underwater sea creatures that you can see swimming in the ocean, the time will seem to fly past. Gili Labak’s powdery white sand and calm waters make the island the perfect place to explore the sea.

For those who favour snorkelling, diving and other underwater activities, this place is definitely a must-visit tourist attraction. However, you will have to bring your own equipment because there are no rental shops. Snorkelling and diving here is very spectacular. You can swim past colourful corals, observe the different underwater plants and swim with different species of fish.  As for those who like to take a peaceful stroll while taking in the breathtaking scenery, this island is just the spot for you. Take a deep breath of fresh air and feel your stress levels drop.

Bukit Jaddih

Bukit Jaddih is a large hill rich in limestone. It is 500 hectares wide and is located near three villages: Jaddih, Rabasan, and Parseh. The limestone is arranged perfectly, making it very photogenic and attractive.

In the middle of the vast green hill, there is a natural reservoir, named Aeng Goweh Pote which means “The White Cave Water”. This public swimming area was actually, left behind by limestone mining. The hole later transformed into a natural body of water as rainwater collected over time. Closeby, there is a Dutch bunker which was used for storage during the Second World War.


Arosbaya Cretaceous Hill used to be an ordinary limestone quarry, but now it is a popular tourist attraction in Madura. The former chiselled remains of limestone mining present unique shapes and is the reason for its rising popularity.

Not only is the sculptured limestone unique, but the colour of Arosbaya Red Crest also adds to its uniqueness. Arosbaya Cretaceous Hill, also commonly known as Pelalangan Hill, is located in Berbeluk Village, District Arosbaya, Bangkalan, Madura. This is one of the hidden heavens in Madura and worth the effort to visit. A lot of people go there for pre-wedding photo shoots.

Jembatan Suramadu

This magnificent infrastructure, standing straight and tall, is the biggest bridge in all of Indonesia, with a record-breaking length of 5,438m and width of 30m. Jembatan Suramadu (SURAbaya-MADUra) is the bridge connecting the two most revolutionary cities when it comes to naval trading, the cities of Surabaya and Madura. It was first officially opened for public use on June 10, 2009.

This bridge has statistically improved Madura in many ways, especially in terms of trading and economics. It has made the transport of goods more efficient because they no longer need to be sent by sea from Surabaya, thus resulting in the prosperity of what we now recognise as the modern city of Madura.

So, come on down and discover the unique landscapes of Madura. You will be rewarded with some really spectacular images of your holiday.

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