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Koster: Foreign Tourists Expected In Bali 11 September

Museum of Bali Denpasar (Source: Wira)

After prayers Besakih Temple in Karangasem Regency, the Governor of Bali I Wayan Koster has announced the next implementation stage of the new normal on the Island of the Gods.

These stages, according to Koster, are still just a plan because they are still observing the developments of the coronavirus situation in Bali.

“It should be understood that these three stages are expected to run smoothly, well, and successfully with permission, blessing, guidance, and protection of Ida Bhatara Bhatari Sasuhunan sami, ancestors, lelangites, and holy teachers,” said Koster.

In the first stage of the plan, the tourism sector, government offices, customs, and religious sites will begin to open on 9th July. However, the tourism sector is only opened specifically for Balinese citizens at this stage.

Domestic tourists will be able to visit when the second phase is brought into play, expected to be on Friday 31st July. Meanwhile, foreign tourists should expect to be able to enjoy Bali’s tourism starting on Friday 11th September, when the third phase begins.

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Koster noted that the new normal in Bali can already be implemented because the coronavirus response has been carried out properly. In addition, the death rate from coronavirus in Bali is low.

“Therefore, we must continue to do our best to deal with COVID-19, while at the same time, we must begin to carry out activities for the sake of community life. These activities must be carried out gradually, selectively, and be limited by implementing the new era of life order protocol for productive and safe COVID-19 communities, “added Koster.

After announcing the stages of the new normal, Koster stated that the criteria for tourism sites that will open would be submitted to the regency or city government in Bali. It’s noted that tourism sites that can open will only be nature attractions that have minimal risk. Furthermore, regional officials now better understand the trend of increasing cases of corona in their respective regions.

Source: Kumparan

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