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Little Care clean up their neighbourhood

To celebrate Independence Day this year, the children of an NGO in Jogjakarta shared their pride in their country by cleaning up their neighbourhood.

Little Care is a children’s charity based in the foothills of Mount Merapi, Jogjakarta, providing English education for children in the local villages, giving these children a chance for a brighter future. On Indonesian Independence Day, the children of Little Care spent an hour cleaning up rubbish from the areas surrounding their reading rooms, and separated their waste into recyclable and non-recyclable materials.

“It’s important that children have an understanding from a young age about not littering, and also that rubbish has value, and that’s why we teach them how to separate their waste. In our village here, we have large shared bins which villagers use to throw their rubbish away, separating plastics and glass from organic materials, which we compost,” says Ibu Indah, Little Care’s Director and Founder.

After the clean-up, the children participated in Independence Day games, enjoying fun with their friends after the hard work of cleaning up their village. These children are setting an excellent example for others out there, adults included, not to litter and to separate our waste at home.

Thank you to the children of Little Care!

To learn more about this charity, please visit

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