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Communities Gather to Clean Up Gunung Marapi in West Sumatra

Chairman of the Parimbo Minangkabau Community, Roni Marianto, led an initiative to clean up the ascent trail of Mount Marapi in Tanahdatar, West Sumatra Province, in February this year.

The Penggerak Gaek Punju 40 Community and Putra Petualangan Minas Community from Riau Province also joined the clean-up.

“Previously we have also done clean-ups with other communities and hikers of other volcanoes,” said Roni Marianto, known by most as Baronsai.

Mount Marapi is a favourite of mountain climbers in Sumatra, visited by local and even foreign tourists. However, nothing ruins the beautiful sights of Marapi as much as littering, which has become common practice here.

“Some people complain about the state of the trail and camp grounds but take no meaningful action. Awareness needs to grow and it isn’t enough just talking about it. What started through a debate within our communities ended in the birth of a clean-up hike,” said Baronsai.

The main target areas for the clean-up were the hiking trail, the famous peak of Marapi known for its boulders, the camping area and all existing check posts. All litter was carried down to the post tower resulting in a very successful clean-up hike.

More clean-up initiatives will be organised by these communities and they hope that their actions will inspire other hikers to be more aware of their impact on hiking trails and bring all rubbish back down with them.

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