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Providing Meals to the Balinese Community

Providing Meals to the Balinese Community

With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent, many people in Bali are without jobs and don’t have food security – they don’t where their next meal is coming from.

Jack, a member of the Scholars of Sustenance team, is assisting in efforts to help Bali. His actions are extreme, yet encouraging for all.

Jack will be running between 80-90km at elevations of up to 1,600 metres, from Lovina in the north of Bali to the middle of the island, finishing at F45 Canggu. It’ll push every limit he has and will see him set off at 3am on 14th September and finishing in the late afternoon.

Donations to support his campaign can be sent directly to Scholars of SustenanceRescue Kitchen”. The leaders are providing relief for people affected by COVID-19. The Rescue Kitchen provides highly nutritious, cooked meals that are combined with long-lasting dry goods, in order to provide temporary support in the current situation.

To donate, visit the Bali Strong Donor Box.

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