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Marriott International Indonesia and Solar Chapter Provides Water Stops in Tafuli with the “Water for Tafuli” Project

Marriott International Indonesia and Solar Chapter Provides Water Stops in Tafuli with the “Water for Tafuli” Project
Marriott International Indonesia and Solar Chapter Provides Water Stops in Tafuli with the "Water for Tafuli" Project

Marriott International Indonesia continues its ongoing collaboration with Solar Chapter for the “Water for Tafuli” project – an initiative that provides water stops in Tafuli, a remote village in Malaka District, East Nusa Tenggara Province.

The Solar Chapter for the “Water for Tafuli”  project commenced on 2nd September 2022, and after almost one year, the project has now come to completion.

The system efficiently channels up to 65,100 litres of water daily from the Benenain River, catering to 12 public faucets across Tafuli’s 10 hamlets through a strategic distribution pipeline network. With 18 solar panels powering a submersible pump, this sustainable solution spans three kilometres horizontally and 118 metres vertically, alleviating generations-long water scarcity and paving the way for improved agriculture, public health, education, communal prosperity, and holistic development.

Water for Tafuli - Marriott International and Solar Chapter's Collaborative Project
Water for Tafuli – Marriott International and Solar Chapter’s Collaborative Project

In a fitting tribute to this pivotal moment, representatives from Marriott Business Council Indonesia and Solar Chapter embarked on a momentous journey to Tafuli to witness the installation and launching of the system. On 17th August 2023, at 2 PM, the water began flowing to the Upper Reservoir in the village, marking Tafuli’s independence from decades of water insufficiency. During this momentous visit, a commemorative stone was laid, marking a significant milestone toward transforming the lives of the local community.

Titus Rosier, General Manager of W Bali Seminyak and Chairman of Marriott Business Council Indonesia shared, “Putting people first is one of Marriott International’s core values – it is one of the pillars which guides the company’s culture. Through a diverse portfolio of 22 exceptional hotel brands across Indonesia, we continue to showcase the collective power of people coming together to make a lasting impact and a difference in the community.”

Tafuli Village in Malaka District
Tafuli Village in Malaka District, East Nusa Tenggara

Nestled at the heart of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, Tafuli is a remote village in the Rinhat sub-district, Malaka Regency, with a population of 971 people. Situated three kilometres away from the nearest water source with a substantial elevation difference of 118 metres, this community faces the daily challenge of accessing clean water, especially with farmers who rely on agricultural produce to survive. Marriott International Indonesia partnered with Solar Chapter to assist the Tafuli community in installing solar-powered water pump systems to provide easy access to water. This initiative will not only improve sanitation and public health but also increase the quality of life for the people.

The “Water for Tafuli” initiative garnered support from various activities organised by Marriott International’s extraordinary portfolio of hotels and resorts across Indonesia, including the annual charity ‘Road to Give 2022’, where the proceeds contributed to the initiative.

“For a project of this magnitude, it is crucial to collaborate with partners who are willing to go the extra mile. The ‘Water for Tafuli’ project is a testament to the power of such collaborations, and Marriott International Indonesia has proven to be a formidable ally in making this dream a reality,” added Mustika Wijaya, Founder and Executive Director of Solar Chapter.

The people in Tafuli Village rejoiced over the first water flowing into their village
The People in Tafuli Village Rejoiced over the First Water Flowing into Their Village

“On behalf of the people in Tafuli, I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who have given their support to this cause. We are thankful for the fruitful and successful collaboration between Solar Chapter and Marriott International Indonesia. Tafuli Village now enjoys sustainable access to water, which we believe will significantly enhance public health, sanitation, agricultural productivity, education, and communal development,” said Marta Tafuli, the Village Chief of Tafuli Village. “We are committed to operating and maintaining the solar-powered water pump system, as well as expanding our distribution pipeline network to ensure convenient access for everyone in the village”.

Discover how Marriott International is empowering communities through Serve360 at For more information about the “Water for Tafuli” project by Solar Chapter, please visit

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