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Grand Indonesia BerbaGI During the Month of Ramadan

Grand Indonesia BerbaGI During the Month of Ramadan

As a form of concern for the environment around Grand Indonesia, every year Grand Indonesia routinely carries out CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities with the BerbaGI program in the month of Ramadan.

This year, Grand Indonesia visited four orphanages located around the Central Jakarta area to bring happiness with BerbaGI gifts consisting of food and drinks for breaking the fast, prayer equipment, vitamins, hand sanitisers, masks, and packages of basic necessities.

Grand Indonesia BerbaGI During the Month of Ramadan

“Usually, the children we take to Grand Indonesia can enjoy the excitement together, but because of the ongoing pandemic, this time we are the ones who come to visit and bring joy from Grand Indonesia in the form of gifts for the children, the administrators and of course, also for the orphanage which we give out every Friday during the month of Ramadan,” said Dinia Widodo, the Manager of Corporate Communications at Grand Indonesia.

The Grand Indonesia BerbaGI program is intended for children in the surrounding area who cannot leave the house during the pandemic so that they can still enjoy the excitement that is in Grand Indonesia through this program.

Grand Indonesia BerbaGI During the Month of Ramadan

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