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Study Reveals Indonesia’s Flag Unidentifiable Among Adults

Study Reveals Indonesia's Flag Unidentifiable Among Adults
Study Reveals Indonesia's Flag Unidentifiable Among Adults

Tailor-made holiday provider Travelbag surveyed 2,000 adults (UK) to identify countries based on their flags, revealing that the Indonesian flag is the least recognisable.

A staggering 88 percent of the total respondents struggled to name Indonesia when presented with the red and white flag. In fact, this bi-coloured flag led nearly one in four, or 23 percent, to mistake it for the flag of Poland.

The second most frequently misidentified flag was that of the Canary Islands, with 86 percent of respondents giving incorrect answers, followed by Thailand with 84 percent.

“The best way to improve your knowledge of national flags is to venture out and explore some of the beautiful destinations they represent. When you travel, you’ll encounter flags all around you, providing an opportunity to learn about their history and symbolism. You’ll also have a chance to immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the countries you visit, which will deepen your appreciation for their flags,” said Natalie Watson, the Brand and Campaigns Marketing Manager at Travelbag.

Below are the top 10 countries with the average percentage of incorrect answers:

  1. Indonesia, 88 percent
  2. Canary Islands, 85 percent
  3. Thailand, 84 percent
  4. Puerto Rico, 84 percent
  5. The Bahamas, 83 percent
  6. Philippines, 82 percent
  7. Dominican Republic, 81 percent
  8. Cambodia, 81 percent
  9. United Arab Emirates, 79 percent
  10. Malaysia, 78 percent

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