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Rp15k Ojek Ride – British Tourist Robbed and Assaulted

British tourist robbed
Rp15k Ojek Ride - British Tourist Robbed and Assaulted. Photo

A 29-year-old Balinese man, who recently was released from prison, is now back behind bars after robbing and sexually assaulting a British tourist. 

I Made Somi, alias De Mi, is from Banjar Padangsari, Tianyar Tengah Village, Karangasem Regency, Bali. He has previously been in prison three times due to different crimes.

His recent case is regarding a violent theft and sexual assault he committed on Saturday 1st October 2022 at 10:55pm WITA against a British citizen with the initials CMP, aged 20.

I am guilty. I apologise profusely. I committed acts of violence. I’m sorry, very sorry. I have damaged Bali’s tourism,said De Mi, sitting in a wheelchair after having both of his legs injured by gunshots. 

Head of the Denpasar City Police, Police Chief Commissioner Bambang Yugo, accompanied by the Head of Criminal Investigation at the Denpasar Police, Police Chief Commissioner Mikael Hutabarat, revealed that the suspect had only been released from prison three months ago.  

De Mi posed as a fake ojek or motorcycle taxi driver willing to deliver his customers at a rate of Rp15,000. A British citizen became a victim when she intended to go to La Favela for a night out.

The location of the incident occured on Jalan Sri Kresna, Legian. The suspect deliberately took a different route to commit the crime.

There, the victim was snatched and endured a crime of sexual violence or obscenity,” explained the police. 

The victim’s necklace was taken and has been pawned; police are currently searching for the item. Meanwhile, the police are still investigating the act of sexual violence against the victim.  

The suspect pushed the victim from the motorbike while holding her hands so that the victim fell on her back, onto the asphalt. Then, the suspect molested her but she fought back and kicked the suspect.

The suspect is charged with article 365 of the Criminal Code concerning theft that is preceded, accompanied, or followed by violence or threats of violence. The maximum penalty is nine years incarceration. 

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