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Surabayans Love for Boba: Top 5 Boba in Surabaya

Bubble tea

It’s the season of love and there is nothing Surabayans love more than a nice sip of cool refreshing bubble tea.

Bubble tea, also called “boba”, has been the culprit of endless queues and limitless hype for teenagers nowadays. Especially with the newly opened boba stores in Surabaya, the teens of the city have gone crazy over this drink this past year. However, certainly, some boba shops appeal more than the rest. These are the top 5 boba shops in Surabaya.

Xing Fu Tang
This newly opened boba store, originating from Taiwan, is located in Galaxy Mall Surabaya. The brand is known for its unique, stir-fried, hand-made sugar pearls. Xing Fu Tang, meaning “realm of happiness”, really does bring plenty joy to teens and adults alike. It’s famous for its brown sugar boba, which purely uses brown sugar and no artificial sweeteners. It is definitely worth a try if you’re around East Surabaya.

With its Okinawa Brown Sugar Boba being everyone’s favourite, Kokumi has built its reputation for being one of the best boba stores in Surabaya. Not only does Kokumi serve a variety of delicious boba drinks, but both its outlets in Pakuwon Mall and Ciputra World are a unicorn-themed Instagrammable spot with a pastel palette and cute lighting. Being known for its cute aesthetic, Kokumi is a must-try for boba lovers.

Being one of the all-time favourite boba stores, Koi has maintained its high quality and taste throughout the years. Famous for its unique golden pearls that it has pioneered, it is surely something to try. Furthermore, Koi also serves macchiatos and flavoured tea aside from boba. It constantly serves rich flavours when it comes to their wide variety of drinks. Koi has opened multiple outlets, namely in Pakuwon Mall, Ciputra World, Tunjungan Plaza, and Galaxy Mall. So, what are you waiting for? Stop by and try this renowned boba store.

Tiger Sugar
With the increasing hype of boba, the Taiwan-originated boba store, Tiger Sugar, recently opened in Galaxy Mall. Being known for only the finest boba drinks, Tiger Sugar only serves the highest quality. Unsurprisingly, the opening of Tiger Sugar has caused long queues, which reflects the wonderful tasting drinks that customers crave. It is famous for its Brown Sugar Milk Tea, which is equally rich in aesthetic as it is in taste with its beautiful brown sugar that marbles the drink.

Serving a variety of drinks such as smoothies, infused fruit teas, bobas, yakult drinks, and cheese tea, Cheskee serves only the best to its customers. Located in Galaxy Mall, its convenience contributes to its popularity, adding to the rich creamy flavour of Cheskee’s milk tea drinks. Because of its wide range of drinks, it is a one-stop shop for everyone to buy their favourite drinks. We promise you that this famous store would not disappoint.

What are you waiting for? Hop over to your nearest boba shop for an energy boost on the next sweltering day. Do remember to drink in moderation due to the high sugar content of the drinks.

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