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New Requirements to Enter Bali


The Bali Provincial Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling of COVID-19 has a number of conditions for people who wish to visit the Island of the Gods.

The regulation, which will come into force on 28th May 2020, requires prospective travellers to fill in an application form at to obtain a QR code. The QR code is proof that each prospective traveller has filled out the application form.

For those going to the island by air, each passenger must show a COVID-19 negative certificate that has been tested through the Polumerase Chain Reaction (PCR) from a government hospital laboratory or a laboratory designated by the COVID-19 Task Force.

The requirements for sea transport and land journeys are that arrivals must show a negative statement of COVID-19 test results that used the rapid test method. The test certificate must be from a government hospital laboratory, the health department, or other authorities.

The provisions when buying tickets means that everyone wishing to go to Bali must show their QR code and present a COVID-19 negative statement with a validity period of seven days from the time of arrival at one of the sea or airports of Bali.

Source: Tempo

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