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Match-Finding App for Polygamists Set for Launch in Indonesia

Finding a second, third or fourth wife will be made easier for Muslim men in Indonesia who wish to enter the fold of polygamy, with the launch of the controversial application Ayo Poligami.

Functioning predominantly as a Tinder-esque match-finding app, Ayo Poligami – or ‘let’s do polygamy’ – describes itself as a “platform that works to match male users with women ready to be part of a large family.”

The app will be free for download on Google Play Store, but would require users to provide official identification. Furthermore, users seriously looking for an additional wife are required to supply a letter from the first wife consenting the foray into polygamy.

The app also boasts a web page which shows a cartoon of a smiling bearded man sat in front of a laptop, flanked by three women in Indonesian-style Islamic clothing and two children.

The app was initially launched earlier in 2017 and had been downloaded around a thousand times before being taken down after founding company Pandu Solusi consulted with Islamic clerics. It is now set for a re-launch in October.

Following its initial launch, the app caused a stir and sparked debates among the country’s netizens, with many women cursing the app and branding it as a potential ‘marriage-breaker.’


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