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KLM Invites Everyone to be More Sustainable

A 2-day exhibition in Jakarta, titled KLM 100 Years – Celebrate the Future, on 5th and 7th October 2019 at Erasmus Huis, will take visitors into a time capsule of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ adventures, getting to Jakarta for the very first time from 95 years ago.

Aside from taking visitors on a journey through the past, KLM is in pursuit of a more sustainable aviation industry, which is also shown in this exhibition.

Two to three per cent of man-made CO2 emissions worldwide and the consistent growth due to the increasing world population – more people want to explore the world and can afford to fly – are the responsibility of the aviation industry. Like any industry, aviation needs to do everything within its power to minimise the impact it has on the environment and maximise the positive impact it has on society.
Though not fully sustainable yet, KLM is willing to share knowledge and experience on how to integrate sustainability into a business along with their roadmap to net CO2 reduction through their CO2ZERO compensation programme.

Last June, KLM launched its ‘Fly Responsibly’ initiative. It incorporates all of KLM’s existing and future efforts to improve the sustainability of their activities, while also inviting consumers to compensate for their share of CO2 emissions from flights. Even companies can join in this movement by way of the KLM Corporate BioFuel Programme.

CO2 compensation isn’t the end solution, however. Reducing CO2 emissions in their own operations is perhaps the most impactful way at the moment to effect change. KLM continues to invest in fleet renewal, introducing more fuel-efficient and low noise aircraft, in addition to saving fuel through operational efficiency, which includes the optimisation and the reduction of on-board weight, can successfully take KLM to the right sustainable path.

Over the years, the aviation industry has worked together to implement safety standards and improve overall safety. Now, another big responsibility arises: to leave a world for our children to explore. Together, everyone can rise to this challenge.

Starting from 29th March 2020, daily flights between Amsterdam and Brussels will be replaced by high-speed Thalys trains. “Flights between these two cities can take longer compared to going on a train. If you don’t have to take a flight, then you should explore your options,” said KLM Communication and CRM Manager of South East Asia, Edith Kraaijeveld.

It may be somewhat incredulous for an airline to encourage less flight consumption, but alternative modes of transport can indeed is a more energy-efficient option. However, for long distances, there are no fast and comfortable alternatives yet.

KLM has been investing in sustainable aviation fuel since 2009. Procuring 75,000 tonnes of this fuel makes KLM the world’s first airline to purchase biofuel on a major scale. From 2022 onwards, this fuel will be produced in Delftzijl, the first sustainable aviation fuel factory in Europe.

Aside from that, an economically V-shape aircraft is in the making, together with the Delft University of Technology, as the cabin for passengers and crew, cargo hold, and fuel tanks are all largely integrated into the wings of the aircraft. A flying-scale model of this aircraft plus a life-sized section of the cabin interior will be presented to the public at KLM Experience Days in Schiphol, throughout October 2019.

Although strict laws surrounding food safety prevents KLM from recycling much from intercontinental flights, they continue to improve waste management such as reducing waste, increasing recycling, and identifying the appropriate reprocessing facilities. Only the lowest environmental impacted product materials are used.

The KLM 100 Years – Celebrate the Future exhibition is open to public on:
Saturday 5th October 2019 at 10am to 4pm and Monday, 7th October 2019 at 10am to 3pm
Location: Erasmus Huis, Pusat Kebudayaan Belanda, Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav S-3, Jakarta Selatan.
For more information and inspiration, please visit the KLM 100 site,

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