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President Jokowi Signs Law Rewarding Corruption Informants up to Rp200 Million

The administration of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has signed a regulation to give informants financial rewards for blowing the whistle on corruption.

The new regulation, issued by the Law and Human Rights Ministry on Sept. 18, stipulates that informants who provide tips to the authorities regarding possible graft will be awarded with an official certificate and paid up to Rp 200 million (US$13,137).

“We want people’s participation in the prevention and eradication of corruption,” the President said on Wednesday.

When asked about the budget for the award, Jokowi said that question should be referred to the Finance Minister.

According to Article 17 of the regulation, the financial incentive will be adjusted to the amount of state losses caused by the reported corrupt practices.

Meanwhile, those reporting bribery will be given a financial reward of up to Rp 10 million, depending on the amount of losses caused by the crime.

Informants are allowed to either submit a verbal or oral report of a possible graft. The report must contain the identity of the informant and an elaboration of facts related to the suspected graft.

The authorities will conduct a thorough verification to ensure the legitimacy of the report 30 days after it is submitted by the informant. In addition, authorities will also evaluate the informant’s role in uncovering the crime, the risk inherent to the report and the quality of the report.

If the report is deemed valid, the informant is subject to legal protection from the government.

Source: Jakarta Post

Photo: JP/Dhoni Setiawan

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