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Jakarta Cancels Full-time Face-to-Face Learning Plans


The limited number of face-to-face schools that were planned to open every day in Jakarta will not go ahead.

Head of the Public Relations Subdivision of Inter-Institutional Cooperation of the DKI Jakarta Education Office, Taga Radja Gah, stated that his team still needed to review face-to-face learning events (PTM) being held every day.

“It’s still the same as before,” he commented.

Previously, limited face-to-face learning began in the capital on 30th August 2021 with an alternated schedule on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The DKI Education Office then planned to open face-to-face schools on Monday-Friday, starting 13th September 2021.

According to Taga, there has been no increase in the number of schools holding limited face-to-face schools. Currently, there are 610 schools that are open three times a week.

The DKI Jakarta Education Office, he said, would always monitor the implementation of limited face-to-face schools with “intensive monitoring”.

The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government held limited face-to-face schools during the Implementation of the PPKM level 3. This face-to-face learning method was in accordance with the decision of the Education and Culture, Research and Technology Minister Nadiem Makarim.

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