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Indonesia Promotes Nomadic Tourism for Budget Travelers

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The Tourism Ministry has created a campaign to attract backpackers or budget travelers with nomadic tourism, Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said on Thursday as reported by

Speaking at the fourth ASEAN Marketing Summit in Jakarta, the minister said around 39.7 million backpackers traveled around the world every year, and with Indonesia’s tourist destinations being so diverse and spread out across the vast archipelago, nomadic tourism has the potential to be a successful vacationing alternative.

The ministry hopes to offer this type of tourism as a hassle-free way for travelers to explore Indonesia’s natural destinations.

In a press release issued last March, Arief said that building the necessary facilities was feasible by using temporary materials, making nomadic tourism easy and affordable.

Glamping, homepods and caravans are considered proper forms of accommodation for nomadic tourism, as opposed to building hotels on hard-to-reach islands. Furthermore, seaplanes or planes that can land on water are viewed as more feasible compared to building airports, which would take time.

The nomadic tourism campaign will be carried out in areas with minimal infrastructure and that do not meet the ministry’s 3As: access, attraction and accommodation.

The minister said the campaign was part of the government’s efforts to attract 17 million foreign tourists by 2018.

He stressed that nomadic tourism would rely heavily on backpackers.

“Hence, we must know our positioning, and that is by choosing the millennial market,” he said.

The Tourism Ministry is currently targeting to build 100 digital markets in 34 provinces and 10 of these tourist spots in the country’s favorite destinations.

Source: Jakarta Post

Photo courtesy of Dony Indra Ramdhan/detikTravel

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