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Immigration Officer Killed by Escaping Uzbek Terror Detainees

Immigration Officer Killed
Immigration Officer Killed by Escaping Uzbek Terror Detainees. image:

Three Uzbek nationals held for immigration offences have attacked five officers at the North Jakarta Immigration Centre.

The attackers were armed with kitchen knives while trying to escape from detention on Monday, 10th April 2023.

The spokesman for the Detachment 88 Anti-terror Squad, Police Commissioner Aswin Siregar, confirmed the incident the following day. Four Uzbek foreigners were arrested on 24th March 2023 for suspected terrorism by allegedly spreading propaganda related to terrorism.  

They were kept at the immigration office in order to wait for the deportation process to return to their country of origin,said Siregar. 

On 10th April, three of the four foreigners in the detention room attacked the immigration officers as well as Detachment 88 Anti-terror members on duty in an attempt to run away. 

Five officers were attacked; two immigration officers and two Detachment 88 members were seriously injured, while one immigration officer was killed.

“Three of them managed to run away, and the other one remained or did not want to run (the initials BKA),” said Siregar. 

The three foreigners left the detention room by breaking into the ceiling of the immigration office. Then, they attacked officers who were eating their meal, and some of them were even preparing for the dawn prayer.

The perpetrators paralysed or attacked the members using a kitchen knife found in the pantry,” said Siregar.

In less than 24 hours, Detachment 88 Anti-terror officers managed to catch the perpetrators of the attack who fled at 10:50am WIB/local Jakarta time. A suspect with the initials OMM was first arrested in a shop near the Bukit Gading Indah complex.

Suspect BAB was found dead in the Sunter River at 2:40pm due to plunging into the river and then drowning. Meanwhile, at 8:30pm, the suspect MIR was arrested in a culvert in the Sunter River area.

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