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Get Double Points on WhizMate-the Loyalty Programme Membership

The WhizMate Loyalty Membership, one of the special programmes from Intiwhiz Hospitality Management, is offering more benefits as a special reward for guests who join up and enjoy a staycation experience in any of the hotel’s brands of Intiwhiz Hospitality Management; Whiz Capsule Hotel, Whiz Hotel, Whiz Prime Hotel, Grand Whiz, Whiz Residence, and Swift Inn.

Launched in 2016, WhizMate celebrated its 3rd Anniversary on 10th October 2019 with series of exciting activities, including a treasure hunt which invited people to find the hidden WhizMate balloon in the areas surrounding the hotels. A picture was taken with the balloons and uploaded to social media, entitling those who found them to special merchandise and exclusive vouchers from Intiwhiz Hospitality Management.

Redeeming your points through WhizMate have just be loaded with extra privileges this October. WhizMate is offering double points for guests who book their rooms through the WhizMate application, which also comes with additional benefits such as late check-out until 3pm (depending on the location of the hotel), discounts for F&B purchases, and special merchandise.

Successfully operating 25 hotel units spread across Indonesia, Intiwhiz Hospitality Management have 5 hotel brands, namely Whiz Capsule, Whiz Hotel, Whiz Prime Hotel, Grand Whiz Hotel and Swift Inn, with plans to further spread the brand with new developments and upcoming hotel projects.

For more information on how to join the membership of WhizMate, please download the application on App Store or Play Store, or click and or contact the call centre on 021-571 0099.

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