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Foreign Traffic Violators to be Reported to Immigration in Riau Islands

ETLE Traffic Violations
Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement. Source: Twitter

Foreigners who commit traffic violations in Riau Islands will be stopped from leaving Indonesia until they pay up under a new scheme from the Directorate of Traffic for the Riau Islands Regional Police, according to the Riau Islands Regional Police Grand Commissioner Tri Yulianto.

On Thursday, 22nd November 2022, Yulianto stated that, based on the daily report on the activities of the Riau Islands Regional Police’s Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement  (ETLE) Traffic Unit Front Office, a Singaporean was caught on camera not using the seat belt.

The violator went to the ETLE Directorate of Traffic for the Riau Islands Regional Police to authenticate the ticket that the ETLE officer had given him. After being given a Briva number, the violator was instructed to pay a fine. He then paid the fine for the ticket at BRI. 

“Any foreigners who commit traffic violations and are recorded by ETLE cameras, their identities will be forwarded to the Immigration Service to immediately prevent them from leaving Indonesia, particularly Batam Island. They are also required to pay off the traffic violation fines in accordance with applicable regulations,” explained Yulianto.

This innovation is part of the Riau Islands Regional Police’s efforts along with other related stakeholders in maintaining the dignity of Indonesia in the eyes of the international community.

The Directorate of Traffic for the Riau Islands Regional Police is ready to be at the forefront to provide Police and Law Enforcement services in the Riau Islands,concluded Yulianto.

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