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Maluku Provincial Tourism Office Unveils 2024 Tourism Calendar

Maluku Provincial Tourism Office Unveils 2024 Tourism Calendar
Maluku Provincial Tourism Office Unveils 2024 Tourism Calendar

The Maluku Provincial Tourism Office has officially released the 2024 Tourism Calendar which contains 25 agendas/events to attract more tourists to the province.

Head of the Maluku Provincial Tourism Office, Achmad Jais Ely, stated that the release of the 2024 Tourism Calendar served as an agenda to introduce the Maluku province, along with all its potential natural riches and various artistic and cultural attractions from 11 districts and/or cities in the province, as strengths and positive values to the world of tourism.

Furthermore, this agenda also served as an encouragement for local governments to provide more focus on local tourism.

“The launching of this Tourism Calendar is an appeal for the local government to focus more on increasing the number of tourist visits to Maluku,” Ely told the press when launching the 2024 Tourism Calendar at The Natsepa Resort Ambon on the 3rd of March, 2024. Afterwards, Ely explained that for the year 2024, the Maluku Provincial Tourism Office is targeting at least 14,355 foreign visitors and 429,763 domestic tourists.

The following is the Maluku Tourism Calendar outlining 25 events scheduled throughout the year 2024:


  • Al-Fatah Festival (Islamic arts and culture festival in Maluku);
  • Buka Sasi Adat Laut at Rutong Village (introduction of the Rutong Biru Movement).


  • Rabu-rabu Market in Ambon (bazaar display of products by Ambon City craftsmen);
  • Pukul Sapu Mamala Morela on the 7th of Shawwal (attraction involving hitting each other with broomsticks).


  • Saparua Pattimura Festival (207th Pattimura Day commemoration).


  • Lawa Pipi Eid al-Adha Festival (parading sacrificial animals for seven rounds at the Hila Mosque);
  • Abdau Tulehu Eid al-Adha Festival (tradition of fighting over the Tawheed flag).


  • Putri Pariwisata 2024;
  • Ngilngof Fiesta Kei Island (promotional activity for Ngilngof Tourism Village on Kei Island).


  • South Buru Tifu Bay Festival (presentation of local wisdom of the South Buru area);
  • Maluku Cultural Festival.
  • SBT Gumumae Festival.


  • Molucca Jukulele Day (Jukulele music tour in Ambon);
  • Endit Sakmas Malra Festival;
  • Letvuan Paradise Fiesta Malra (Letvuan Village ecotourism event);
  • Sail Darwin~Saumlaki;
  • Yail Vat Marlean Malra Festival (tradition of introducing bachelorettes from outside Soinrat Village who are marrying bachelors from Ohoi Soinrat).


  • Un Malra Bay Festival (folk party in Taar Village);
  • Malra van kur kurat festival (fishing activity involving children and adults using traditional arrows);
  • Meti Festival (a fishing tradition of the Kei people);
  • KKT Choir String Festival;
  • Amboina International Music Festival.


  • Pamahanunusa Festival;
  • Banda Neira Festival;
  • Badendang Jukulele.

Lastly, Ely was hoping the launch of the 2024 Maluku Tourism Calendar could give more spotlight on the province.

We hope that by launching the 2024 Tourism Calendar, Maluku tourism will become better known,” he closed.

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