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Densus 88 Investigates Terrorist Funding via Charity Boxes  

Suspects Makassar Bombing
53 Makassar Bombing Suspects Could Face Death Penalty

Densus 88, The Anti-terror Special Detachment Team, is investigating a new mode of terrorist groups to obtain funds and carry out terrorist acts in Indonesia.

Inspector General Pol Argo Yuwono, the Head of Public Relations of the Indonesian National Police, reported that based on the results of the provisional investigation by the Densus 88 anti-terror team, terrorist groups have been found to be collecting funds by using charity boxes in minimarkets.

Charities have been set up around minimarkets in Indonesia under the guise of a humanitarian agenda to gather donations.

“Yes, it is true, the Denus 88 anti-terror team are currently investigating to find other evidence,” said Yuwono.

The groups use funds to supply terrorists in Syria. It’s believed to be used for military training and terror tactics. The funds are also used to pay regular salaries of leaders and to purchase weapons or explosives.

The results of the Densus anti-terror investigation show that terrorist groups are still growing in Indonesia.

Terrorist groups have played and continue to play a role in a number of criminal acts and terrorism in Indonesia. Examples include the Bali bombings, the JW Marriott bombing, and the 2000 Christmas Eve bombing. Each of these acts of terrorism resulted in approximately 2,000 victims being affected.

Source: News24Bisnis and CNN Indonesia

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