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Crowds Gather for Mass Vaccination at Tangcity Mall

vaccination Tangcity Mall
Crowds Gather for Mass Vaccination at Tangcity Mall

The public interest in participating COVID-19 vaccination organised by the Tangerang City Police at Tangcity Mall resulted in overcrowding in the area.

According to Tangcity Mall publicist, Intan Amalia, the number of people interested in participating in the vaccination increased on Thursday 8th July. This was due to the fact that people are more interested in vaccinating at Tangcity Mall than in other places.

To anticipate the increase in vaccine participants, Tangcity has been continuously urging the public not to come without an appointment because the quota for vaccine participants is full. This warning was given so that the people who came did not cause a crowd at the vaccination location; the food court on the second floor of Tangcity Mall.

Based on Tribun News’ observations, the queue of vaccination recipients stretched to the basement parking area. On the second floor, a queue of 15 seats were divided into five rows.

Requirements include bringing an ID card and also a pen to fill out the registration form that is provided. After that, the vaccination participants are directed to register in the first stage, which will be served by Tangcity mall personnel.

Afterwards, they can proceed to carry out the second stage of verification, which will be served by officers from the Tangerang City Police Metro Police.

“As a form of our dedication to the community, Tangcity Mall has deployed more than 20 personnel to assist the police in providing services during vaccination,” said Intan.

This mass vaccination is taking place at 8am to 2pm WIB with a quota of 2,000 people per day. As of Thursday noon, as many as 1,000 people have been registered.


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