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Come to Garut to Watch Cultural Fighting Sheep?

sheep fight Garut
Come to Garut to Watch Cultural Fighting Sheep. photo

Cooperatives and SMEs Minister Teten Masduki views the fighting sheep or Garut’s agile sheep as being an economic strength for West Java mainly in the tourism sector, sheep farming, and MSMEs.

“Culture and the economy basically have an equal position and support each other,” said Masduki, citing an official statement on Monday 17th October 2022. 

It is stated that in the Cultural Development Index (GPA), culture and economy are one of the dimensions, namely the cultural economic dimension, meaning there are who have sources of income as actors or supporters of performing arts.

For Masduki, who is also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Indonesian Sheep and Goat Breeders Association, this event is one way to preserve culture while also being an attraction to increase the tourism industry which has a multiplier effect on SMEs and cooperatives.

“I hope this event can be included in one of the national events in the tourism sector so it can increase tourism visits for both foreign tourists and domestic tourists,” he expressed.

This competition is not to find out who wins and who loses because every sheep has its own characteristics. But, more as an entertainment attraction for the audience and tourists. 

We plan to hold the President’s Cup in December 2022,” he said.

Meanwhile, Garut Regent Rudi Gunawan revealed that an event like this is expected to stimulate the price of sheep, especially Garut sheep. It can also increase the market for SME products from Garut.

“Therefore, we will make the Garut Sheep Dexterity Art event an annual routine agenda. Next year, in February 2023, we will hold it again in the framework of the 220th Anniversary of Garut,” said Gunawan.

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