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Canadian Interpol Fugitive Extorted Rp1 Billion, Deportation Postponed

Canadian Interpol Fugitive Extorted Rp1 Billion
Canadian Interpol Fugitive Extorted Rp14 Trillion, Deportation Postponed. Image Source:

The Head of the International Relations Division of the National Police, Inspector General Krishna Murti, has announced the postponement of the deportation of Canadian Interpol fugitive Stephane Gagnon.

This decision was made in order to investigate the individuals involved in the extortion against him.

“We are currently conducting an investigation to clarify this incident,” said Murti according to Tempo media on Monday, 5th June 2023.

Gagnon’s attorney, Maruli Harahap, revealed that his client had sent hundreds of millions of currency units to a middleman who distributed the funds among police officers. This money was given in exchange for a promise that Gagnon would not be arrested.

Harahap added that an intermediary visited his client in February, informing Gagnon that he would be arrested within the next four to six weeks.

“Feeling disturbed and wanting to avoid further disruption, SG sent a total of Rp750 million, Rp150 million, and Rp100 million, all of which were transferred electronically,” said Harahap on Sunday, 4th June.

In April, the middleman demanded an additional Rp3 billion to prevent Gagnon’s arrest. However, Gagnon ignored the request and was subsequently arrested. While detained at the Bali Police detention centre, the middleman once again asked for Rp3 billion in exchange for Gagnon’s release, which was refused.

It is suspected that the funds were transferred to two members of the National Police’s Division of International Relations and a civilian. Harahap’s team has secured evidence of transfers, conversations, and videos involving the middleman and police officers.

The National Police headquarters have been notified via email. Harahap hopes that the extradition of his client will be postponed to allow for a thorough investigation into this extortion case.

On 20th May 2023, the Bali Police arrested Stephane Gagnon, a Canadian citizen, based on a red notice control number A-6452/8-2022 dated 5th August 2022. Gagnon is wanted by the Canadian government for allegedly committing fraud and counterfeiting in Canada.

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