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15 Foreign Inmates in Kerobokan Prison Get Christmas Clemency

Christmas clemency
15 Foreign Inmates in Kerobokan Prison Get Christmas Clemency

The Class II A Kerobokan Penitentiary has announced the 2021 Christmas clemency list.

The Christmas clemency was announced after the correctional inmates, particularly Christians and Catholics, held a prayer together in the prison hall on 25th December 2021.

The Christmas celebration and the announcement of the Christmas clemency at the Class II-A prison in Kerobokan was attended by the Head of the Corrections Division of the Bali Legal and Human Rights Regional Office, Suprapto.

A number of prisoners from foreign countries were among the inmates who received remission on their sentences.

For foreign inmates, there are 15 people who have received special remissions for Christmas. All of them are still serving their criminal terms. No one is immediately released,explained the Head of Class IIA Kerobokan Prison, Fikri Jaya Soebing.

He said the level of sentence commutation for the 15 foreign inmates varied. The reduction in sentencing ranged from one and a half up to two months.

This Christmas, as many as 125 Christian correctional inmates at the Kerobokan Prison have received remissions or reduced detention.

Of the 125 correctional inmates who received remission, there were two correctional inmates who received special remission II or were declared free immediately. Both are Indonesian citizens.

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