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Guide to Christmas Worship and Celebration During Pandemic

The Ministry of Religion has issued guidelines for organising worship activities and Christmas celebrations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

These guidelines are contained in the circular letter of the Minister of Religion Number SE. 23 of 2020.

The implementation of these guidelines is expected to minimise the risk of mass crowds forming whilst still allowing for spirituality activities.

  1. Christmas services and celebrations should be carried out simply and without exaggeration with emphasis more on communion among family.
  2. Worship and Christmas celebrations, apart from being held in congregation or collectively in a house of worship, are also to be broadcasted online with the rituals of worship that have been prepared by the management of the house of worship.
  3. The number of people who can participate in congregational or collective prayer activities and Christmas celebrations shall not exceed 50 percent of the capacity of the house of worship.
  4. House of Worship Managers Obligations:
  5. Prepare officers to carry out and supervise the implementation of health protocols in places of worship.
  6. Carry out regular cleaning and disinfection in the area of the house of worship.
  7. Limit doors or routes in and out of places of worship in order to facilitate the implementation and supervision of health protocols.
  8. Provide hand washing, soap, and/or hand sanitiser facilities at entrances and exits of places of worship.
  9. Provide a temperature checking device at the entrance for all users of places of worship.

If a user of a house of worship is found with a temperature over 37.5 C (two checks at five-minute intervals), they are not allowed to enter the house of worship.

  1. Obligations of people who will participate in congregational or collective Christmas worship and celebration activities:
  2. Congregation or participants should be in good health.
  3. Use face masks when leaving the house and while in the area of the house of worship.
  4. Maintain hand hygiene by washing your hands frequently with soap or using hand sanitiser.
  5. Avoiding physical contacts, such as shaking hands or hugging.
  6. Maintain a minimum distance of one metre between participants.
  7. Avoid staying or gathering for a long time in a house of worship in the area of a place of worship, other than for the purpose of compulsory worship.
  8. For children, congregants, or elderly people who are prone to contracting diseases and people with congenital illnesses who are at high risk of COVID-19, they should attend online worship in their respective homes with procedures that have been prepared by the managers of the house of worship.
  9. Care for the implementation of health protocols in places of worship in accordance with the provisions.

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